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The Turkey Rap Video

With the hunting season getting ready to start my sister who is into the whole hunting scene these past couple of years, sent me this video in an email, and it was too funny not share here today on my blog. It’s called the Turkey Rap and you can find it on YouTube.com I hope you think it is funny and maybe pass it along to others that might get a laugh as well.

Funny stunts on YouTube

One of the things that I enjoy about YouTube is that some people upload videos of themselves playing harmless little stunts or pranks. No one seems to be terribly embarrassed by the stunts – it seems to make everyone laugh. The creativity of the stunts is quite impressive – I used to think that my family was crazy, but these stunts make my family look tame in comparison!

Interesting social experiment

The people who created this YouTube video were probably just trying to be entertaining, filming people’s reactions to a perfect stranger coming up to them in an airport, telling them to do some random things. And I have to admit that the video IS entertaining. Some of the “victims” of the experiment (or prank, as it were) just did what they were told to do. One person, however, became confrontational, and the body language made me think that he was getting ready to get physically violent with the guy. Others seemed to be going along with doing what they were told to do, almost as if they thought that they were humoring a mentally challenged person, or because they did not want to “cause a public scene.”

I did find the video to be a very interesting social experiment, even though I think that it was just meant to be entertaining.

I enjoy flash mobs

Recently I’ve started to watch the television sitcom Big Bang Theory. At first I didn’t watch it because it was opposite other drama shows that I enjoy. But lately there have been time slots when I was tired and wanted to rest on the sofa, and I’d turn on the television and there really was not anything on that interested me. Sure, there were the perennial Law and Orders and the many different CSIs, but most of them were re-runs of shows I had already seen, or it was already half-way over and I didn’t want to watch the last half-hour of a show if I had missed the first half-hour. So that left me with choices of smaller half-hour shows, and I saw on the television guide screen that a show that I was going to watch in a half-hour was on the channel that already had the Big Bang Theory running. So I would just select that channel to await the start of the show I wanted to watch.

As much as I hated to admit it, I started to enjoy the silly show. My hubby goes out of his way to insult the show, and the intelligence of people that watch it, but I just ignore him. Anyway, I had seen a youtube video of a flash mob that happened on the Big Bang Set during the taping of one of the shows, and I thought it would be fun to share it here. I hope you enjoy it too!

This Dragon Baby You Tube Video is so cute!

Since I am so busy during the day that I really do not have enough time to sit down and really watch television very much, when I have a couple of minutes to “spare” I’ll go check out what is cute or funny or amazingly awesome on YouTube. Today I found this really great video that was made by a guy who has put a lot of other videos on YouTube. I know I’ve seen one or two of them in the past, but I did not subscribe to his YouTube channel until I saw this video today. I would have LOVED to see how he managed to pull off this video. When people have infants doing stunts in videos that obviously they really could not do in real life I am always intrigued by the logistics of how they pulled it off. Watch this for yourself, and tell me that you don’t want to see a “how they did it” movie too!