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In The Midst of Chaos

There are quite a few advantages that do mange to come out of coming from a large family that I never would have thought of when growing up in the midst of all the chaos that went on back in the “good old days”  One of the good things that is extremely helpful in all of our later years in life is to be able to call on the services and expertise that everyone has gotten into over the years.

We have a wide variety of professions spread out around the ever growing family but we have never had an attorney in the family, which certainly would have come in handy a plenty through out the years. Not that we have a lot of criminals in the family but there are plenty of times that legal issues have come and inevitably will come up in the future that certainly warranted the need for a good quality attorney. So when the announcement came that one of my nephews has decided to pursue the legal profession up in Cincinnati, Ohio the whole family felt the need to celebrate before he heads off to college in just a few months. So come Labor Day weekend as many family members that can manage to gather themselves up and make trip will hopefully send him off to law school in style! Looks like I need to start finding the perfect gift for the occasion. Labor Day weekend will be here in no time flat.

No Fooling Around

Yesterday was April Fools Day and I was worried that the day was going to bring some wacky and unusual pranks around my work place. I mean people have been talking it up for the past week or so, so I figured that at least one person was up to something for the day. In a way I was disappointed and in another I am grateful, ya know what I mean?

Gathering Information for Your Residential Remodeling

Renovating your house begins long before the actual work gets started. The entire project can require that you spend weeks doing research online to ensure that your undertaking stays on schedule and on budget. When you realize that you may be unable to do most or all of the renovation work on your own, you may find it necessary to hire contractors from your area to take on certain projects. Rather than contact each contractor individually to ask about pricing and availability, you can use the Internet to find out more today about the contractors and their affordability using a single website.

The website is set up to let you comparison shop without having to visit multiple sites or make numerous phone calls to different contracting companies in the area. You can vet contractors and take bids for the work that you need done entirely online through a single site. You can start the process by first selecting what kind of project you have in mind for your renovation project. For example, if you need an outdoor deck built, you can select exterior work and then move onto the next step of taking bids.

You also can narrow your search for contractors by inputting information like your address or zip code. This information will allow the site to bring up names of contractors in your area that are available to begin work immediately on your house. You can then vet bids and find out which contracting companies are the most compatible with your budget. This vetting process allows you to stay on budget without the worry of unexpected costs or hiring a contractor who charges too much for the work you need done.

The website also lets you take bids from contractors who can take care of multiple projects on your house. For example, along with needing an outdoor deck built, you also may want to have your roof replaced, new carpeting installed, the walls painted, and new windows put into your home. When you use the website, you can find out if a single contractor can do these projects or if you must hire several contractors all at once. This information lets you prepare your budget and your schedule accordingly. You can have all of these details on hand weeks before the actual work on your house begins so you can prepare your family as well.

Why are so Many People Complaining About a Solicitor

Most individuals at some point have heard horror stories about members of the public, who have had a very poor or negative experience with a solicitor. It is so commonplace that it has become the source of numerous jokes and comedy routines and has resulted in some very negative stereotypes associated with lawyers. It is a sad fact that not all solicitors perform their duties in a way that is satisfactory to their clients. This is one reason why there are so many people complaining about a solicitor.

Satisfaction has nothing to do with the outcome of a case, whether the outcome is positive or negative for the client involved. Dissatisfaction usually has to do with the level of service received or how the solicitor performed their job. There are usually complaints about things such as the lack of communication. People often say things such as “I had to do all the calling” or ‘they never returned my calls”.

Lack of communication between a client and a solicitor is a sure recipe for disaster and can leave clients feeling dissatisfied with their solicitor. This can also be the reason why the team just never seemed to click. The solicitor, client relationship, simply started off on the wrong foot and continued to go downhill.

If there is no communication or too little communication, there are so many other problems that stem from this one issue. A client can then have serious concerns about their billing and the hours they are billed for. They doubt the hours the solicitor claims to have been working on their behalf if they did  not see or feel any evidence of that level of effort or diligence on the part of the solicitor.

The client has doubts because the channels of communication were closed instead of opened.  It is important and always a good idea to keep clients in the loop and up to date with all relevant areas of their case. This ensures that they know all the work and effort that goes into their case and the ultimate result. This way they can be comfortable and have a certain level of trust and acceptance instead of doubts about billing.

Communications is really a key factor when it comes to solicitor negligence and the breakdown of the relationship and trust between solicitor and client. It is a fact that even after things have gone wrong, effective and honest communication can sometimes remedy the situation. Clients are people they want to be heard and they want to feel as if they matter. Solicitors who take the time out of their busy schedules to communicate effectively with their clients reap the rewards and can testify to the results.

When a client voices their concerns and issues it is important to take note and address them and respond. This will greatly eliminate the number of people complaining about a solicitor.

If you need to complain about a solicitor visit SOS Claims.

Did you remember to set your clocks back?

Fall back (free clip art)

Fall back (free clip art)

The best thing about having to change our clocks back one hour in the fall is that on Sunday morning, when you wake up, you don’t feel so rushed to get dressed and go somewhere. I often wonder how many people forget to change their clocks and end up going to church an hour early that day! Or how many people still don’t remember over the weekend and end up getting to work on Monday an hour early! That’s one mistake I haven’t made – yet!

I understand the whole reasoning behind changing the clocks in the fall, and one of the most important one is so that the kids waiting by the road in the morning for the school bus are not waiting in the dark, but I wish that we would just keep the clocks at Daylight Savings Time and be done with it. Life would be much easier for so many people! As far as I’m concerned, schools should start much later in the morning than they do anyway! That would solve that problem!