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Swimming Pools

One reason I wouldn’t want to have an outdoor swimming pool is all the attention and maintenance that is involved with the darned things. Right now my neighbor is pricing electric motors for his pool that he is considering closing it down early this year, most likely next weekend. All of the public swimming pools close right after Labor Day, while folks with ones in their yards have the luxury of holding out for as long as they want to, some as late as December! So it’s sad to know that there won’t be anymore pool parties or late afternoon or night time dips that they have so generously consented for us utilize and take advantage of. It’s such a nice change of pace to have nice neighbors, having bad neighbors can just suck you dry.

Newly Installed Shelving

The shelving that I finally got together, placed and installed in the carport has really made a difference in how my nice, new and clean carport looks. And I can actually find things so much easier. I’m glad that I found a good deal on storage tubs that are see through. Those things have made a big difference as well in locating items quicker than the ones that I have been using that you have to either label or take a guess on it’s contents. I wish that I had thought of see through bins before.

Now that I’ve gotten that taken care of I can move on to other spring time tasks that will be taking up so much of my time. I’m not complaining mind you, spring is my favorite time of the year. A season that most people find themselves busier than normal. And then comes the intense summer heat. But that’s another story for another time.


Rite Of Passage Into Womanhood

This nice weather practically demands that we fire up the barbecue grill and cook something outdoors over an open flame. We’ve had three days of temperatures in the high 60’s and no snow or rain. This is winter at its best in here. Learning how to use a grill is a rite of passage into womanhood. My mother did the grilling in our family, which was fine with our father, he never had the interest to cook anything, but he sure enjoyed eating, now he has a big old pot belly that clearly shows how much he enjoys his eating.

I learned early and I have worked hard at getting it right. Burning food on the grill is unforgivable – a grill master will never leave the grill with a high enough flame or unattended long enough to burn the meat. Never, I say! So tonight it is burgers on the grill. I bought some ground chuck at the store and mixed in some chopped Vidalia onion and tossed a heavy sprinkling of dry ranch dressing into the meat before gently shaping the patties and placing them on a preheated grill. Four more minutes and we’ll be chowing down. See ya!




Trusting the Patagonia Brand for Warm Jackets

Sometimes I take our mild weather for granted and don’t appreciate the fact that we don’t need a winter coat in November. But there are parts of the country where they have snow on the ground already and a patagonia mens jacket is what you grab before going out the door every morning. Around here, I expect snow in December and then it will stay cold until March. So shopping for a good, warm jacket is going to be at the top of my list.

When you have to be serious about keeping warm, such as people who work outdoors for a living or people who spend most of the day outside for hunting or ice fishing, there are certain brands like Patagonia that you can trust to do the job. Some jackets sold in department stores are made to look nice and be fashionable. But when I go outside I want to look nice and also be warm. I don’t know about you, but when I go shopping for a jacket, I know that I can trust the Patagonia brand for both style and performance. We’ve bought the Patagonia brand for years and they always keep us warm – and that’s the point.
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Mother Nature

Thought that I would check out what’s going on with the manteo real estate lately since so many people that I know and love are up and relocating to the beautiful state of North Carolina. A few seem content to go a bit further south and land in South Carolina, but it seems that North Carolina is the place to be these days. From what I understand Florida just got too full and all of those crazy hurricanes can really put a damper on the senior citizens that went down there to relax and enjoy their golden years, not battling Mother Nature in all her fury!