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The Turkey Rap Video

With the hunting season getting ready to start my sister who is into the whole hunting scene these past couple of years, sent me this video in an email, and it was too funny not share here today on my blog. It’s called the Turkey Rap and you can find it on YouTube.com I hope you think it is funny and maybe pass it along to others that might get a laugh as well.

Funny stunts on YouTube

One of the things that I enjoy about YouTube is that some people upload videos of themselves playing harmless little stunts or pranks. No one seems to be terribly embarrassed by the stunts – it seems to make everyone laugh. The creativity of the stunts is quite impressive – I used to think that my family was crazy, but these stunts make my family look tame in comparison!

Jimmy Fallon is the man

I do not stay up late enough to watch Jimmy Fallon every night, but I really enjoy watching his bits and pieces on YouTube when I get the chance. I saw on the news this morning that Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt had done a “bit” where they both were on the rooftops of really tall buildings yodeling. I don’t know if they were even in the same city, but it really was a cute skit.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

In The Potting Shed

I don’t have the opportunity to watch any of the Martha Stewart shows on television because of my work schedule, but I do enjoy watching clips from her shows on You Tube. This clip is of her with Conan in the potting shed, making topiaries from some plants that Conan claims he found in his back yard. It’s refreshing to see that Martha has a great sense of humor after all that she has been through! Very amusing!

I just heard on the radio that she has signed up with Match.com and is looking for a partner. I wish her luck!

Interesting social experiment

The people who created this YouTube video were probably just trying to be entertaining, filming people’s reactions to a perfect stranger coming up to them in an airport, telling them to do some random things. And I have to admit that the video IS entertaining. Some of the “victims” of the experiment (or prank, as it were) just did what they were told to do. One person, however, became confrontational, and the body language made me think that he was getting ready to get physically violent with the guy. Others seemed to be going along with doing what they were told to do, almost as if they thought that they were humoring a mentally challenged person, or because they did not want to “cause a public scene.”

I did find the video to be a very interesting social experiment, even though I think that it was just meant to be entertaining.