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Top 5 Museums You Have to See When Traveling to West Virginia

West Virginia is a magical land of lush green trees and humid breezes. People think of sweet tea and hunting when they envision West Virginia for the first time. However, this great state has more to offer than its famous hospitality. Come to West Virginia this year and experience its top museums.

African-American Heritage Family Tree Museum

WHERE: Ansted, WV

Freedom Trail Marker

Freedom Trail Marker (free clip art)

Learn all there is to know about the famed Underground Railroad before you go to the nearby Big Bend Tunnel and see it for yourself. This museum contains memorabilia and artifacts from famed educators like Booker T. Washington and Carter G. Woodson. While you experience the vastness of the Big Bend Tunnel, tour guides will tell you about John Henry, the man who carved the safe haven through a mile of solid stone in order to help slaves get to freedom.

Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum

WHERE: Grafton, WV

Built in 1854, the building itself is as impressive as the 5,000 artifacts on display. People enjoy learning about Anna Jarvis, as well as about the history of the two-story wooden building. During the Civil War the house was used by General George B. McClellan as a headquarters for the war’s efforts. Troops were encamped around Grafton as they awaited the General’s next move. However, you can stay in charming West Virginia hotels rather than camping out around Jarvis’ birthplace like soldiers.

Avampato Children’s Discovery Museum

WHERE: Charleston, WV


Children's Avampato Museum

Children’s Avampato Museum (free clip art)

Take your kids to a world-class discovery museum that will allow them to learn and discover as they explore endless rooms of exhibits and displays. Avampato is conveniently located in central Charleston, making it easy for short-term travelers to stop by and enjoy all that the museum has to offer.

State Capitol Complex of Charleston

WHERE: Charleston, WV

This classical building affords visitors exquisite views of the foyers, libraries, and wall-to-wall marble. Its grandeur makes tourists feel like they are in the heart of American pride as they explore the capitol building, which boasts a dome taller than the US Capitol Building. This historic landmark has been published on postcards and brochures of West Virginia for as long as it has stood.

Castle Halloween Museum

WHERE: Benwood, WV

For the less traditional traveler, there are museums in West Virginia that will titillate the senses and make you sleep with a light on. One such museum is the Castle Halloween Museum in Benwood. This incredible location holds more than 15,000 Halloween artifacts and rare objects. It is appropriately housed in an old, brick school building, which looks as disturbing and treacherous as many of the displays.
Castle Halloween Museum has antique postcards, masks, costumes, photographs, movie props, folk art, and more. From creepy Victorian dolls to the most haunting Salem Witch Trial artifacts ever found, this stop is sure to leave an impression on West Virginia visitors. However, it’s not all scary; exhibits include charming displays of Charlie Brown’s great pumpkin and Simpsons Halloween special toys.
When you visit West Virginia you will enjoy rich culture, storied traditions, and people who could be novel characters. Visit the great state of West Virginia and learn what you’ve been missing all these years.

Southwest vacations

This post brought to you by Southwest Airlines Vacations. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having grown up in a family that had very deep roots in the entertainment world, I have always wanted to have the opportunity to go to Vegas for a week and enjoy the bright lights, the night life, and the shows. I have always loved to dance, try out new foods at new restaurants, and have always loved watching live entertainment shows.

My parents used to travel to Vegas every few years, sans kids, to take in the shows and rekindle their romance. My brother takes his girlfriend every year to take in the different forms of entertainment that I’ve never had the opportunity to try.

Several of my former co-workers used to talk about how they saved their money all year long so that they could take annual Las Vegas Vacations with their spouse. Everyone that I’ve ever known that goes to Vegas comes back with glowing tales of great food and great shows.

I have always smiled and said that I’m glad that they had a great time, but I have always been silently very envious of their ability to go. Last week my brother was talking about his next couple of Southwest Vacations to Vegas – it seems that he is planning on going to Vegas three or four times a year now!

He loves to talk about the great deals he always gets, saying that he has been able to always get the best prices on his Vegas vacations through Southwest. He has been bragging about how he has been able to get his airline tickets with no baggage fees, and combine his air tickets with hotel rooms, admission tickets to the attractions that he wants to attend, and how sometimes he takes some friends and family members with him!

To be honest I’ve been suppressing the urge to ask him why he doesn’t offer to take ME! What am I, chopped liver? Maybe I need to start dropping stronger hints when he starts to talk about his Southwest Vacations.

Laguna Beach sounds like it would be a great vacation destination

Having lived in small towns most of my life, I have always enjoyed visiting other small towns that happen to have a reputation of being an artist’s colony, or artist’s village. Part of that enjoyment comes from the fact that I love to work with my hands and create things, through decorative painting, or with fabric, yarn, or some other materials like duct tape. Not exactly high-brow mind you, but the point is that I love to see the things that other people can create with their own hands. I truly do appreciate, in the fullest extent, how much time, and energy, and soul goes into the hand-crafted creations.

So when Janice invited me to come out to visit her in California I started to do some research about the area that she lives in, and found that Laguna Beach is a place that has a reputation of being an artist’s haven of sorts. Looking at photographs of the Laguna Beach websites, I get the feeling that it would be a very romantic spot to spend a week or two with my hubby if we wanted to throw together a second honeymoon, too. Janice is working on getting some competitive quotes on the prices of a two-week laguna beach vacation rental to see if that is something we will be able to swing this year, or if we are going to have to start saving our pennies to try to take the trip next year. I’d like to go this year, but I’m afraid that there are some health issues that may prevent us from traveling this year, so I won’t be too upset if we have to put it off one year.

Work, work, work

That is all I seem to do these days.  I am beginning to think that is all I will ever do.

I get up at 5:00 a.m., get ready for work, spend all day running around, answering the phone, doing work at the computer and then I come home and have to do laundry, dishes, fix dinner or clean something.  I hate work!!!  I need a vacation and soon.

It wouldn’t be so bad I guess if my days weren’t so hectic at the office.  Some days I just want to crawl into bed when I get home.  Maybe I need to start taking vitamins; coffee just isn’t working anymore.