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Recently I was watching a morning news program for a few minutes and they were talking about healthy food. The expert of the day was telling the audience that the 100 calorie snack packs were not good for you… I don’t remember what the reason was because I immediately started remembering how a couple of months ago on the same show there was a different food expert who was raving about the 100 calorie snack packs. I don’t know if they are good or bad, I’m no expert, but I don’t make a habit of buying a lot and eating a lot of them.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Install a TV Wall Mount

Guest post by Michael Alvarez

Investing in a flat screen often means buying a TV wall mount as well. After spending hundreds of dollars on a television set, it is important to conduct some research and find a good TV mounting system. The mount that they choose along with a few small bolts and secure installation are the only things that keep their TV from crashing to the floor.

At the same time, a mount can make a TV flow much better with a room’s décor. This helps it look like a painting rather than an appliance. Before setting up the mounting for their television set, people should consider the following.

  •  Finding the Right Bracket for the TV

The majority of television wall brackets will specify if they are designed for plasma, LCD or LED televisions. People should choose a bracket that can accommodate their TV’s size and weight. They should also consider whether they prefer a wall mount that has tilts, swivels or a fixed bracket.

People should also make sure that their bracket provides the right amount of space between the wall and the screen. This will leave enough space for the cords but still allow the TV to sit flat for visual appeal.

  •  Comfort Level

Televisions are both heavy and expensive. People should make sure that they are comfortable using a level or drill. Having an additional pair of hands for heavy lifting is also ideal.

  • Television Type

Various flat screen TVs need different kinds of space between the wall and the screen. Usually, LED TV sets need less space than a plasma or LCD TVs because they are thinner.

Installation Steps

  • Attach

First, people should attach the mounting brackets to the back of their TV. The majority of brackets are attached through four holes. There should be two holes on each side of the television set. People should also make sure to utilize the appropriate hardware for the size of their TV. The TV set’s packaging will often indicate what hardware to use.

  • Measure

The brackets will eventually be fastened to the wall plate. This is also a good indicator of where the mounting should be placed. People should measure from the edge of the brackets to the top of their TV set.

  • Mark

When a person has decided where they want their TV to be placed, they should mark the wall where their brackets will hit.

  • Install

People should install the wall plate with the use of the marked guide. They should also make sure to use their level to ensure that it stands straight.

Concrete – Fastening a TV mount to concrete is possible. People obviously do not need to find the studs. However, they will need to drill through the masonry to attach the mount to the wall.

Drywall – Installing a television mount straight to drywall is often a very bad idea. Experts often recommend securing the wall mounting using a stud finder to find the center. In order to make drilling a bit easier, people should mark where they are connecting the mount to the wall and drill starter holes. They should then hold the mount to the wall while they are drilling the screws into position.

  • Fasten

Using the provided screws and washers, people should attach the brackets and TV to the wall plate. This important step is typically a two person job.

About the author:

Michael Alvarez has been working in the electronics and technology field for over 20 years.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise of TV wall mounts with others; while continuing to grow his knowledge.


In The Potting Shed

I don’t have the opportunity to watch any of the Martha Stewart shows on television because of my work schedule, but I do enjoy watching clips from her shows on You Tube. This clip is of her with Conan in the potting shed, making topiaries from some plants that Conan claims he found in his back yard. It’s refreshing to see that Martha has a great sense of humor after all that she has been through! Very amusing!

I just heard on the radio that she has signed up with Match.com and is looking for a partner. I wish her luck!

Toddlers and Tiaras Still On The Air

Have you ever watched the TV show called Toddlers and Tiaras?  I have to tell you that I find it deeply disturbing. These mothers are truly disturbed people trying to live their dream through their daughters. Mothers and Fathers alike. They are so hard on the children, making sure they don’t gain too much weight, making them adhere to a strict routine. It didn’t long for the media to start paying attention and the feeding frenzy began. All kinds of groups started protesting and demanding that this show be removed and actions started to stop this long time beauty pageant tradition for girls this young. My question is “What age is acceptable to start this process?”

I think they should just let the little girls be little girls. They are making them grow up way too fast. And some of the coaches!!! I don’t think that child beauty pageants should be against the law, but I really think that someone needs to step in and take control of the situation. This show has been on for several years now and with all the fuss that it has caused I find it hard to believe that you can still find it on the air.

TV Shows

It blows me away when I look on the TV Guide Channel that Direct TV offers their viewers, and see all of the crap that is being aired “for our viewing pleasure. I’m not sure exactly how many channels that we have access to. With money being so tight I have had to cut out or cut back on several things around here and just 2 weeks ago I made the dreaded call to the Customer Service Department at Direct TV to see what they could offer me, a long time Direct TV customer, to help reduce my monthly bill. The only thing that they could suggest was to down-grade to the next level of their current packages. I was really hoping that they would consider how long I have been loyal to them all these years and offer me some type of discount, so that I could still receive many of the channels that I have become attached to, that are not available with the package that I had to down-size to. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I still get a ton of channels, just not a lot of the ones that I would to still have. The majority of the shows that I see listed are full of sex and violence along with many shopping channels that I can’t stand watching. I don’t understand why so people are into the whole violence scene. We have enough violence in our daily lives and on the evening news. I want and need comedy in my life. Maybe I need to check and see what DISH Satellite has to offer.