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Happy New Year

It is so cold and windy out that we decided to stay in tonight. We were thinking about eating out, but were actually feeling rather lazy. So we stayed in and cooked up a DiGiorno’s pizza for supper and are going to watch television and watch the ball drop and call it a year. This has been a rough year for many people; I hope next year is a better one for us all! With the presidential campaigns going on, it will certainly be very interesting to say the least!

How The States Got Their Shapes

The History 2 channel that I currently get with my tv package has some really good shows on it that I have been watching lately. The best by far is How The States Got Their Shapes. If you get this television channel and get the chance to watch this interesting, entertaining and educational show I would urge you to take a gander and see for yourself how much we all have to learn about all of the 50 states that make our U.S. of A. the great country that it is.

Electronic cigarettes

Guest post by Amanda Hirely

Well, I finally did it. I quit smoking (regular cigarettes, that is). I switched to an e-cigarette. They actually taste much better than the real thing and are cheaper in the long run.

I did a little research on the e-cigarette. I assumed that someone, somewhere, had something bad to say about them. But all I could find were positive comments and research results. According to the doctors on “The Doctor’s” television show (which, by the way, I love!), the US could save the lives of over 40,000 people a year that die from smoking-related diseases, if all smokers would switch to e-cigarettes!!

I am sure that the big tobacco companies are not happy about the new e-cigarettes, but I think it is a good thing. I have been wanting to quit for years now, but was hooked. I can still get the nicotine that I crave, but without all the extra “stuff” that goes along with a regular, tobacco cigarette. And, I don’t “stink” anymore either.

Finally got to watch the 30 days episode I taped

I taped that show 30 days, and got too busy to watch it. In fact, I forgot all about it until I found it by accident today. The tape had fallen behind the television console, and when I was cleaning today I pulled the console out and found it (along with lots of other little surprises.)

I was surprised to learn as much about coal mining as I learned from the show. I was sad to learn that coal miners are still coming down with black lung disease because the respirators that can prevent black lung disease don’t provide them with enough air to be able to do the physical labor that they need to do for their jobs. It seems to me that someone ought to be able to make some adjustments somewhere along the way so that they can work without getting black lung disease!

I enjoy flash mobs

Recently I’ve started to watch the television sitcom Big Bang Theory. At first I didn’t watch it because it was opposite other drama shows that I enjoy. But lately there have been time slots when I was tired and wanted to rest on the sofa, and I’d turn on the television and there really was not anything on that interested me. Sure, there were the perennial Law and Orders and the many different CSIs, but most of them were re-runs of shows I had already seen, or it was already half-way over and I didn’t want to watch the last half-hour of a show if I had missed the first half-hour. So that left me with choices of smaller half-hour shows, and I saw on the television guide screen that a show that I was going to watch in a half-hour was on the channel that already had the Big Bang Theory running. So I would just select that channel to await the start of the show I wanted to watch.

As much as I hated to admit it, I started to enjoy the silly show. My hubby goes out of his way to insult the show, and the intelligence of people that watch it, but I just ignore him. Anyway, I had seen a youtube video of a flash mob that happened on the Big Bang Set during the taping of one of the shows, and I thought it would be fun to share it here. I hope you enjoy it too!