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Cell Phone Issues

I can’t wait for the end of October to arrive. I will then be totally done with my two year commitment with my current cell phone provider. I’m so tired of their B.S. and have wanted to sign up with another provider for such a long while now. The Internet will certainly come in handy in finding which provider that will hopefully have all the things that I need and want. A chore like this one could take some time and time is money, neither which I have much of these days.

Remember Those Wrist Watches

The selection of clearance wrist watches that I found online earlier today is looking mighty fine right about now. With so many people using their cell phones and all the other pieces of technology that we have found ourselves hooked up with these days to find the correct time, they are really trying to get folks back into the habit of using the good old wrist watches that we relied on to tell time, back in the day. I know I wouldn’t mind wearing one again if they looked anything like these babies.

Swimming Pools

One reason I wouldn’t want to have an outdoor swimming pool is all the attention and maintenance that is involved with the darned things. Right now my neighbor is pricing electric motors for his pool that he is considering closing it down early this year, most likely next weekend. All of the public swimming pools close right after Labor Day, while folks with ones in their yards have the luxury of holding out for as long as they want to, some as late as December! So it’s sad to know that there won’t be anymore pool parties or late afternoon or night time dips that they have so generously consented for us utilize and take advantage of. It’s such a nice change of pace to have nice neighbors, having bad neighbors can just suck you dry.

Love Those Free Promotional Products at Trade Shows

My daughter’s best friends mother, Cheryl, and I spent the day today at a trade show that her husband asked her to attend since he was pretty much on his own. He has opened his own mail and packaging store and is trying so very hard to make a success of it and is trying so very hard to drum up business. So this trade show was a big deal for him, but to be the only one manning the booth is extremely difficult, so I was more than happy to go with Cheryl to see if we could be of any help to him and he was very happy to see us walk up to his spot to take over so that he could make a run for the men’s room.

He had set up his booth right nicely. He had a good amount of promotional goodies to entice people to come into the booth, with all of the give-a-ways sporting his company name, address, phone number and web site, which is a great way to advertise these days. People love freebies and if you can find the right ones to use they can really make a difference in the long run in getting your name and number out. There are so many promotional products out there these days. I always look for decent promotional pens, since I am always in need of a good pen and you can never have too many of them on hand. I really liked the pens that he had today, they are good quality and feel good in your hand. Believe it or not the pen feeling good can make a big difference.

We had so much time on our hands while standing there most of the day that I really got to know him better and I learned so much about the mail and packaging business so not only was it fun but interesting and educational as well. I came back with a large bag full of promotional give-a-ways from all of the other booths that were set up there today as well. All and all it was a good day for all concerned but I’m pretty tuckered out for the evening.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Install a TV Wall Mount

Guest post by Michael Alvarez

Investing in a flat screen often means buying a TV wall mount as well. After spending hundreds of dollars on a television set, it is important to conduct some research and find a good TV mounting system. The mount that they choose along with a few small bolts and secure installation are the only things that keep their TV from crashing to the floor.

At the same time, a mount can make a TV flow much better with a room’s décor. This helps it look like a painting rather than an appliance. Before setting up the mounting for their television set, people should consider the following.

  •  Finding the Right Bracket for the TV

The majority of television wall brackets will specify if they are designed for plasma, LCD or LED televisions. People should choose a bracket that can accommodate their TV’s size and weight. They should also consider whether they prefer a wall mount that has tilts, swivels or a fixed bracket.

People should also make sure that their bracket provides the right amount of space between the wall and the screen. This will leave enough space for the cords but still allow the TV to sit flat for visual appeal.

  •  Comfort Level

Televisions are both heavy and expensive. People should make sure that they are comfortable using a level or drill. Having an additional pair of hands for heavy lifting is also ideal.

  • Television Type

Various flat screen TVs need different kinds of space between the wall and the screen. Usually, LED TV sets need less space than a plasma or LCD TVs because they are thinner.

Installation Steps

  • Attach

First, people should attach the mounting brackets to the back of their TV. The majority of brackets are attached through four holes. There should be two holes on each side of the television set. People should also make sure to utilize the appropriate hardware for the size of their TV. The TV set’s packaging will often indicate what hardware to use.

  • Measure

The brackets will eventually be fastened to the wall plate. This is also a good indicator of where the mounting should be placed. People should measure from the edge of the brackets to the top of their TV set.

  • Mark

When a person has decided where they want their TV to be placed, they should mark the wall where their brackets will hit.

  • Install

People should install the wall plate with the use of the marked guide. They should also make sure to use their level to ensure that it stands straight.

Concrete – Fastening a TV mount to concrete is possible. People obviously do not need to find the studs. However, they will need to drill through the masonry to attach the mount to the wall.

Drywall – Installing a television mount straight to drywall is often a very bad idea. Experts often recommend securing the wall mounting using a stud finder to find the center. In order to make drilling a bit easier, people should mark where they are connecting the mount to the wall and drill starter holes. They should then hold the mount to the wall while they are drilling the screws into position.

  • Fasten

Using the provided screws and washers, people should attach the brackets and TV to the wall plate. This important step is typically a two person job.

About the author:

Michael Alvarez has been working in the electronics and technology field for over 20 years.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise of TV wall mounts with others; while continuing to grow his knowledge.