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Dancing around the May Pole

Happy May Day (free clip art)

Happy May Day (free clip art)

I can remember as a child, dancing around the Maypole on May 1st as part of a spring festival at school. I only did it one year – apparently right after that the USA decided that celebrating May Day was a bad thing because the USSR celebrated May Day and used it as a way to show off their military strength. Apparently if we celebrated May Day also, it was showing we approved of their government!

Stupid, right? I hope that we start celebrating it again, complete with the Maypole dance! It is fun to dance and sing!

I am not happy with Mr. Groundhog today

Groundhog Day (free clip art)

Groundhog Day (free clip art)

Apparently Mr. Groundhog has seen his shadow and the “experts” say that means a late spring. First of all, I don’t believe it. Second of all, if I were hibernating and was rudely awoken to “forecast” when spring is coming, I’d predict a late spring all of the time just to “tick-off” the folks that had so rudely awakened me! And, I’d be biting someone’s hand, too!

gone to the squirrels

Every day I drive to my office downtown, park in a lot about 1/2 block away and proceed to walk, across two streets and to the front door.  On my way to the door, I pass several businesses, including a bakery, but I pass these businesses on the back side of the buildings as opposed to the front.

So, I was walking up the sidewalk, getting ready to cross the first of the two streets that I cross, when I see the strangest sight coming across the parking lot behind the bakery.  At first I could not tell exactly what it was, but as it came closer, I could make out a squirrel.  Now a squirrel is not an unusual sight during the springtime, but this one was, for it was carrying in it’s little jaws a large, chocolate cupcake, wrapped in plastic wrap.

It struck me as unusually humorous, since you seldom see a sight like this one.  The cupcake was almost larger than the carrier!!  He managed to get it across the street, and make his way carefully up a tree.  It started my day off with a smile.