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Gender gap

I was reading an article in the Time website about the myth that boys are better than girls in math. It reminded me of an anecdote my aunt told me about when she went to high school back in the early ’70s. She signed up for a class in functions, one of the most advanced math classes her school had to offer. She had already aced Algebra I, II, and Trig. The next course to take was functions. So she signed up for it. Her teacher was a man who announced on the first day of class that he believed that girls should not be in his class, that they were taking up seats that boys should be in. He warned them that he had never passed a girl in his glass, and never WILL pass a girl. He told them all to drop his class immediately or they would flunk. He said he would never answer any of their questions and never grade their tests – they would be given automatic “Fs” on everything.

Well, my aunt went to the school counselor and the school counselor said there was nothing they could do; he was the only functions math teacher they had. She was advised to stay in the class. She had a step-brother taking the same class and they did their homework together. They turned in their homework (with the same answers) and her brother got “As” and she got “Fs.” The teacher DID give her “Fs” on all of her tests, even though she had the same answers as the ones who got As. Going back to the counselor, again she was told there was nothing she could do but drop the class!

Can you imagine? To this day my aunt is bitter about this; that jerk ruined her GPA which ruined her chances to be the class valedictorian and a fully paid scholarship to the college that she wanted to go to. She will never get over how that jerk ruined her chances to pursue the career of her dreams. I don’t blame her, I’d be bitter too! People say not to let these things “ruin” your life, how CAN you NOT let them ruin your life? How CAN you let go of this kind of resentment that someone ruined your chances to have the ONE career you wanted to have? I don’t know the answer to that, do you?

Belly button rings

When my niece was living with me in 2002, she was asking me every day to let her do something radical to her appearance. One day she was telling me that she wanted to pierce her tongue (I said no) and the next day she wanted to shave her head. I actually said “yes” to that, but she didn’t do it. I think she was just testing me on that one. I kept telling her that I had promised her parents that while she was in my care that I would not let her get any body piercings or any tattoos. If they wanted to let her decorate her body in that fashion then they could take her to the piercing salon and tattoo parlor herself.

The requests did not stop, however. At least once a week she would ask me if she could get her tongue pierced, or her naval pierced. Or even her nose a couple of times. For a while I stated just saying “no you can’t pierce anything or tattoo anything” before I even said “Hi!” So it was with much glee and satisfaction when she went back to live with her parents at the end of the school year that she got her naval and tongue pierced AND got a couple of tattoos as well! I think she thought that I’d be angry with her about it, but I didn’t care at all. In fact I was more than happy to give her a couple of pretty belly button rings for Christmas that next holiday season!

Huge disappointment in the local college

My brother has ADHD. Because of this he sometimes needs a little bit of extra help in college. Help in the way of being given extra time to complete assignments. Unfortunately, the college he is now going to won’t let him have extra time to complete assignments. Because of this he has run into a snag that is preventing him from graduating with his bachelor’s degree. He needs to get a “C” in a particular class. His professor was a hard-nose who would not give him any time extensions on his assignments, and he needed an extension. Because he could not get the extension, he received a “D” in the class, so he can’t graduate unless he takes the entire class over again, which would cost him an extra $1,000.00.

He really needs this degree to get the job that he wants. He has tried everything possible to get the grade changed to an “Incomplete” and get the assignment turned in, but the college won’t allow it. He has gone all the way to the top administrator, and even though they admit that they “could” change the “D” to an “I” and then let him turn in the assignment and get that “C” that they simply don’t want to do it. During the last meeting they went so far as to encourage him to stop pursuing his degree, claiming that he doesn’t need that degree to get the job that he wants. I find this to be an outrageous claim because he tried to get “that job” and was told repeatedly during his job seeking interview that he DOES need that degree. When he signed up for the courses at the college, they also told him that he “needs” this degree. And now that he is only ONE assignment away from getting that hard earned degree, they are refusing to let him turn in the assignment and telling him (after thousands of dollars spent and many hours spent pursuing the degree that he has been repeatedly told he needs and telling him he doesn’t really “need” that degree and he should just go get a job!

What a tremendous disappointment, and what a huge ripoff! And yes, he will end up taking that course over again, but NOT with that same professor. It would be a huge disservice to himself and our parents to stop one class short of his hard earned degree. From this point on, however, if and when anyone asks me about my opinion of that college, they will get an earful!

5 Things Every New House Needs

Thanks for the guest post Sherry Costello!

5 Things Every New House Needs

5 Things Every New House Needs (Image Source: usatoday.com)

Moving into a new house can be an exciting and fun adventure. Taking time to house shop is a great way to see what it is you are looking for in your new home and to narrow down what you don’t want. Some of the basics you want to look for include square footage, bedroom sizes, and kitchen appliances. But there are some other things to consider that you might not initially think about. Here are 5 things that every house needs that might help you to find the perfect house:
1. Security. Having a new home is a big deal. Having a safe home is a bigger deal. A home security system is an important feature that will help you out in the long run. If the house does not have a system already installed, it is a good idea to get one before you move in so that the installation does not interfere with your move-in. When it comes to finding a security system, take some time to browse online at different types of alarms (e.g. homesecurity911.com/adt/) to get the best for your new house.
2. Landscape. Lawn care might not seem like a hassle when you are looking for a house or when you first move in, but outdoor maintenance can quickly become a chore that is more hassle than its worth. A good way to save yourself some work is to add landscaping to your yard. It will save you work and also add character and style to your house.
3. Storage. When looking for a house, many people forget to think about storage space. It might not seem like an important component, but having storage space can be a lifesaver as the years go on and you begin acquiring bigger and more things. Storage keeps clutter from forming around the house, which prevents your living spaces from becoming storage.
4. Neighborhood. Finding a new house is much more than a single home search. You want to examine the neighborhood around your house to make sure it is in an area that you can feel comfortable in. Know where schools are, grocery stores, a local coffee shop, and other important landmarks that will help you get acclimated. It also helps to find a house that is close to something that fits your social and entertainment needs as well. It will make a big difference in how you grow and live in your new house.
5. Comfort. At the end of the day, you always want comfort. Your new house should accommodate everything you need from the carpets and floors to the kitchen appliances. There are many features in a house that might appear to be welcoming and accommodating, but if you focus too much on luxury and price, you might not have the quality that you desire in a home.
Finding a new home takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that you have everything you need to live happily and comfortably. There are many things to take into consideration that will help you to decide what and where the best house is for you. Aside from the number of rooms and whether or not there is a jacuzzi tub, keep these things in mind when looking for a house.