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4 Things To Look For In Your Grounds Maintenance Supplies

Maintaining the grounds for a commercial or residential building is hard work and requires the right tools. When the weather turns cold, you want to make sure that you can rely on your equipment to get the job done. As you search for wholesale janitorial supplies from companies such as C & C Janitorial Supplies, there are some elements you should look for when it comes to choosing ground maintenance supplies and equipment.

The Right Type Of Equipment

It is not enough for a company to carry the garden hoses you need to maintain the lawns you work on. You need the right types of hoses for different jobs and you need the right nozzles as well.

As you search for a reliable supply company, compare what each company offers and go with the company that will help you to get the job done. Your reputation is on the line with each job you do, so it is important to have the right equipment each time.

Names You Can Trust

When it is time to clear the ice from an office complex, do you really want to use ice melter made by a company you have never heard of before? In the wintertime, the safety of the people who use the buildings you maintain is in your hands. That is why you have to make the right choice on the supplies you use and go with the names that you know and trust.

Environmentally Safe Products

You want the best products to get your maintenance work done, and you also want products that are good for the environment. When your customers know that you are using environmentally-friendly products to maintain their grounds, they will appreciate the extra effort you put into being conscious about the planet.

The Products You Need When You Need Them

A reliable maintenance supplies company has the products you need in stock and gets them to you fast. The weather is not going wait until you have the right maintenance equipment and supplies, which means that you need a supplier that understands fast and reliable service.

Your job as a grounds maintenance professional is to keep the grounds looking healthy and keep them safe as well. That is why you need a reliable maintenance supplies company that takes your job as seriously as you do.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day (free clip art)

Memorial Day (free clip art)

We decided that today would be a lay-low kind of day. No big get-togethers to celebrate the start of summer. Just putter around the house, picking up clutter, doing about six months of backed up filing (I hate filing!) and do some laundry, groom the dogs.

I find myself thinking a lot today about how many people have gone to war and sacrificed their lives.  Whether the cause was just or not, they went because our country called them to go, and they went.  I am feeling very humbled by their sacrifices.

Just walk out

Have you ever gotten so tired of being interrupted by people that you just walk out of the room? For the past six years I have tried very hard to be polite and not interrupt people. I can remember about five years ago I was hosting a family party at my house and there was a short lull in my hostess duties so I tried to join the conversation between my mother any my son. I don’t remember what the conversation was about, but what I DO remember is that when I tried to jump into the conversation my mother snapped at me “you have a very rude habit of interrupting people!”

Ever since then I have tried SO HARD to not interrupt people. There have been so many times that I have wanted to join into a conversation and never got the chance to join it because I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt. And yet people are often interrupting me! So much so that I have come to the conclusion that no one wants to hear what I have to say anyway! Maybe that’s why I’ve become interested in blogging – people can’t interrupt me quite so much!

The last couple of times that I’ve had family parties when I got the chance to say something, to participate in a conversation I’ve been interrupted every single time after only getting one or two words out. So now after a couple of attempts I just leave the room and go do something productive. Like the dishes. Or blogging.

Family treasures

When my grandfather was in his 70’s he retired from work and started to teach himself how to oil paint. He painted hundreds of landscapes, based on photographs and picture postcards that people sent him. They were really good paintings, and I loved to see them when I went to his house. When he passed away, I asked my aunt if I could have some of his paintings as remembrances and she said no. I was very disappointed. A few months ago she surprised me by shipping me about six of his paintings to me! I love them and have them hanging in my living room in the place of honor above my sofa!

Jobs in the Green Market

I was reading on a news website that the “hottest” job trends are in the “green” market.  The article indicates that Washington DC, Boston MA, Houston TX, San Fransisco, San Diego and Las Angelas are all going to be huge markets for “green” industries.

I sure hope that’s true.  We could use some job growth around here!  Lately it seems to have been all “doom and gloom” news about the economy and people losing jobs.  We sure need more jobs, and better jobs right here in the area!