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How to Lighten Your Load after Being Saddled With an Estate

Having been left with an entire estate, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed. You don’t have the financial resources to maintain this house, nor do you have the room to hang onto all the possessions found therein. Before putting the property on the market, it’s in your best interest to organize an estate sale and sell off the various items found throughout the house.

Contact an Estate Liquidation Firm

If you’ve never put together an estate sale, reach out to a local estate liquidation firm. After touring the property and appraising the deceased’s possessions, these seasoned experts will set fair prices for all the items you wish to sell and subsequently tag and advertise your goods. Additionally, if they come across any items that are particularly valuable, they may recommend that you sell them at an antiques auction and make a substantial profit.

Getting stuck with an entire estate can often prove stressful. Even if the deceased had good intentions in leaving you his estate, your financial situation may prevent you from being able to hang onto it. Fortunately, an experienced estate liquidation firm can help lighten your load and make you some money in the process.

The weekend is here!

Well, after a long hard week at work, I’m glad the weekend is here! We’re going to go eat out at the local Ruby Tuesday for supper tonight. It will be a real treat because we don’t eat out very often. Money is tight, and the price of gas makes us think really hard about going anywhere. But, we are going to see a movie after the meal, so that makes me feel a little less guilty about going out “just to eat.”
We are joining a few friends that we haven’t seen for a while; it will be good to catch up with them. I hate that we get so busy that we don’t get together as often as we used to. We need to try harder to keep in touch with them. Friends and family are what make life worth living!

The Tax Man

I am one of those people that waits until the very last minute to turn in my tax returns, so I have gotten used to the lines and the crowds at the Post Office come each April 15th. But I have to say that each year the number of people in the Post Office has been on the decline. I imagine that it is because more and more people are doing their taxes online. This year I decided to file my taxes online, too because I heard that people who do that get their refunds a lot faster. Not to mention that I’ve decided that I’ve wasted enough time in my life standing in lines that I really don’t need to be standing in!

I’m getting a refund this year, and I would love to get my money back as fast as I can, so I have joined the “file taxes online” group! Now, Uncle Sam, SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Computer troubles

Have you ever been told that in order to fix your computer trouble that you were going to have to start from the beginning and format hard drive back to the original factory settings? That is what my brother told me about my computer a couple of weeks ago and I am not a happy camper at all! It seems that my audio card is not working properly, and I would think that I could just replace it, but my brother says that is not that case at all. I really don’t want to have to re-install all of my software and data! This computer is several years old now, and he told me that I’d be better off just buying a new one. I sure hate the thought of having to spend that much money! Oh, what to do, what to do!? I hate this kind of thing!

Pennies From Heaven

This morning I was walking in a parking lot to my car and I saw a penny on the pavement near my car. It was a shiny penny, with the “tails” side up. As I bent down to pick it up (A penny saved is a penny earned!) I was remembering that a long time ago my grandfather told me that if you pick up a penny that is “tails up” it brings you bad luck, but if it is “heads up” then it means good luck. I wonder where that superstition originated? I think that any change found and picked up from the ground is good luck!

We keep hearing how they are going to stop making our precious pennies and people have started to pay more attention to the change that they receive in their daily cash transactions. Pennies are supposedly going to be worth 3 cents, but they have to be made in certain years or else they are still going to be worth just one cent. Of course the condition on the penny is important as well. There is a lot of good information and guidelines on the Internet about the various pennies that have been produced and how much they are worth. I have several hundred wheat pennies that I’ve been collecting for a very long time, thinking that they would be worth something. Come to find out that right now, most of them are worth 3 cents unless you have some that have certain dates on them, which of course none of mine do, but I’ll keep sticking them away as they come along, you never know!