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Christmas wrapping party

Today I went to a Christmas gift wrapping party thrown by one of my good friends. Everyone that was invited had to bring a few gifts that needed wrapping and a dozen homemade cookies to share. We spent a couple of hours wrapping each others gifts and eating cookies. We had to bring copies of our cookie recipes to share. I wasn’t expecting to have as much fun as we did. I went there anticipating to be relatively bored, but we actually had a great time! We listened and sang to Christmas songs and drank hot chocolate and/or apple cider while wrapping the gifts. Before we wrapped the gifts we had to explain who the gift was for and why we chose the gift for the person. That made it a lot of fun. One gal brought some “gag” Grinch boxer shorts for her hubby for a gift. What a riot!

Looking for the perfect Christian gifts for my aunt and uncle

Over the years I have not been very good about sending cards and gifts to my dear Aunt Ginny and Uncle Dave. Truth be told, I’ve been justifying it by saying “I’m too busy” or “I’m too broke,” but the reality probably is that I just get so wrapped up in my own little world that I just don’t think about them in a gift-giving way. Sure, they always send me a card on my birthday, and they even send a card to my kids on their birthdays, too. But I guess since my parents split up when I was young and we never really made any effort at all to celebrate the birthdays of my aunt, uncle, or my cousins, it just did not come naturally to me to even think about sending them cards or gifts. Then when I hear from them later, in a letter or card, that they had just turned a certain age on their own birthday I feel selfish.

I think part of the problem has been that I just do not know what their interests are, other than going to their church. I’ve thought about trying to buy them Christian Gifts but when I go over to their house I see so many knick-knacks around the house that are already some form of religious art I feel as if they already have just about every single type of religious item that they could want. This gets confusing, and I don’t like it at all. I wish it was easier to shop for them!

Give a Club of the Month Gift to Individuals or Business Clients

An Ideal Way to Show Your Regard to Friends and Associates

Not only is a club of the month gift great for giving to your friends and acquaintances, it is also an excellent way to demonstrate goodwill to business associates as well. So, whether you want to build a business relationship or are looking for that perfect present, a monthly club gift is the ideal way to show your regard to other professionals or members of your family.

Find a Monthly Gift for Everyone on Your Gift List

Monthly club gifts are featured that send recipients such monthly items as pies, hot and spicy foods, bourbon, scotch, candles, cheese, chocolates, cigars, and gift cards to favorite restaurants. Therefore, you no doubt will find a gift that is especially suited to almost anyone on your gift list.

Send Your Gifts Any Time During the Year

The best way to make a selection is to visit the ClubsGalore.com website. ClubsGalore.com offers club members and gift givers the opportunity to buy monthly gifts that cover a span of 3 months (the bronze package), 6 months ( the silver gift plan), 9 months (the gold package), and one year (the platinum plan). You can also choose to start sending the monthly gifts any month you want. Gifts can be sent during the Christmas holidays, in an anniversary month, or in the month of one’s birthday.

Take a Look at the ClubsGalore.com Site to Make Gift-giving a Simpler Process

So, if you aren’t quite sure what to get your mom or dad, spouse, or sister or brother. Or, if you are wondering what kind of gift to give to a fellow associate, then you’ll want to take a look at the wide variety of monthly gift products that are highlighted on the ClubsGalore.com site.

A drawer full of stationery

When I was a young girl, my mother and my grandmother would frequently give me pretty stationery as gifts for Christmas and my birthday. Although I always agreed that it was very pretty, I really felt that I would have little to no use for it. I can remember the year that I was in third grade, my family had a small birthday party for me at our house and one of my aunts gave me a really pretty necklace for a birthday present. She was there at the party, and I thanked her, giving her a hug and a kiss. The necklace was passed around the room and everyone admired the necklace. A few minutes after unwrapping that beautiful necklace, I unwrapped a small box of personal stationery. The paper was a light lavender color, and was decorated with images of small violets on the top and bottom. There were matching envelopes, too, with violets on the back flap.

I think that was the first year that I was given stationery as a gift, and I was confused. I remember saying “that’s really pretty, but I don’t know what I would use it for!” Being in the third grade, and a die-hard tomboy, I was not the most tactful person in the world. Nor was I into frilly and floral (yet.) Whether the gift was from my grandmother, or my mother, I cannot recall, but I do remember one of them telling me that was for me to write my “thank you notes” to thank people for my birthday gifts! Well, I had never even HEARD of a thank you note before! But I smiled and said something along the lines of “OK, thanks!” and put the pretty box down and kept on unwrapping presents.

A few days later, my mother asked me if I had written a thank you note yet to my aunt and my grandmother! I am sure that I had one of those “deer in the headlight” looks on my face and after the momentary panic left me I said that I had not done that yet. I explained that I had no idea how to write a thank you note! So my mother explained how to write a thank you note and sent me off to my room to sit at my desk and write my thank you notes in peace. And now, here I am almost fifty years later and I have a drawer full of pretyy personal stationary, a cabinet full of business stationary, and I probably even have some of that pretty lavender and violets stationary left from my third birthday! I guess you could say that I am not big on hand-written letters and notes! I prefer telephone calls and emails!

Subdued Christmas coming up

Over the past several years, Christmas has become a more difficult celebration for me. To be perfectly honest, ever since I broke up with my kid’s father back in 1993 the finances have been under a huge amount of strain. Even though their father was prompt with the child support payments, the payments were never enough to actually pay for the things that the kids needed. And every time I turned around there was a new, unexpected expense that would always throw a monkey wrench into my budgeting plans.

Experts say that people should have six months worth of income saved up for a “rainy day” so that the family could survive for six months if some emergency happened and the breadwinner should lose their income. That six months came and went a couple of years ago. Some well-meaning people say that there are “social safety nets” in place to keep people from becoming homeless and hungry. Those safety net programs are not bringing resources to the people that really need them, and the politicians want to slash those programs even more than they already are. I suppose that really should not make any difference to me personally, but I can see where slashing those programs will do a lot of damage to a lot of needy families. Well, money is too tight this year for me to be giving any Christmas gifts this year to anyone – even my kids, even my parents. It is difficult to be full of joy and good cheer during the Holiday Season when you do not know if you are going to be able to pay the mortgage in a week.