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Today is Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day!   My mother doesn’t live nearby, so I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see her in person, but I sent her a card with a gift card to the Red Lobster and plan to call her on the phone to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.  I WOULD send her a “real” gift, but I have found that she never uses or displays anything I ever give her, so I have given up trying to send her something she might like.  She’s even allergic to flowers and chocolate!  So, I hope the card, gift card and phone call are “enough” to make her have a good day!

Holiday bonus

Guest post by Ernest Shawnee

I got a great surprise this afternoon. As I was leaving the office for the holiday weekend, my boss handed me an envelope. I did not open it until I got to my car; expecting $50 or maybe even $100. As I opened the envelope, I almost fell over with surprise!!

He had given me a $500 bonus for Christmas!! I was not even expecting a bonus, since I have only worked for him for a year.  But man, this was a great Christmas gift. I have been needing a new television set in my living room for about 1 1/2 years now, mine went out, and I could not afford to fix it or buy a new one. So, this is buying me a new television set!!! They have some great sales going on right now. Thank you Mr. Elliott for the wonderful gift.

An Excellent Student Clarinet Choice For Home Bound Niece

It looks like I have found a most excellent student clarinet to place an order for my sister to give to her 11 year old daughter, Nancy. Bless her heart she has been stuck at home with a bad case of mono and is driving the entire family crazy. No picnic for Nancy either.

etude student clarinet

etude student clarinet model ecl-100

Nancy has always wanted to learn how to play a wind instrument and this is really a good deal that sis and I think it will be a good choice. Sis has a neighbor that is willing to come over and give Nancy some free lessons, which will work out really well as long as they don’t share instruments and the neighbor doesn’t spend her time cooped up in a small room right on top of each other.

Sis doesn’t have a credit card, so any time she needs or wants to order something that requires a credit card she turns to me. It all works out and I’m glad to be able to do something to help the ease the tension that is running around the house after just 3 weeks of this health concern. Mono isn’t something to take lately. I don’t hear of many people even getting Mono much these days.

Tabac Cologne and Other Tabac Products

tabac round shaving soap

tabac round shaving soap

tabac bath and shower get
tabac bath and shower get


Had a moment to think that not only will the tabac cologne be a great gift for my father-in-law but maybe a few other personal hygiene products by the same name (tobac) would round the gift out nicely enough. I like the idea of their their bath and shower gel, their shaving cream/lotion as well as their round soap. Kind of reminds me of the old “soap on the rope” I just hope he doesn’t think that all of these toiletries to be on the unmanly side. You know to be given such personal hygiene products, cause this guy, well he is certainly a man’s man. But I do know that he likes this particular cologne and believe me it is a manly cologne – described on the Smallflower.com website as and I quote: “The spicy, masculine fragrance of Tabac has been covering the body care needs of the active man since 1938.”

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had scratch and sniff computers so that I could just tell you where to scratch and badda boom, badda bing you could be enjoying (or at least I would like to think that you would be enjoying) this cologne that will be my Christmas experiment of this 2012 holiday season. Most everyone else I have all ready gotten gifts for or at least have a slight idea on what to get them, but men seem to be the worst for me to buy for. Oh well only 24 days left and we will see how it all pans out!

CAO Cx2 Cigars and Beers

My Uncle Jack was known for always having a cigar in his mouth. The half smoked cigar that he was enjoying and had left in the one ash tray in the house, right next to his easy chair in the living room that he spent a good amount of time in, just kicking back and enjoying his golden years after retiring from working his butt off in the same factory for all of his working years.

I still enjoy the smell of a good cigar and when I go to visit my cousin Michael I can usually smell his house before I get to the front door, he has been smoking either a pipe or cigars for so long that the house has gotten saturated with the strong smell of these tobacco products. It doesn’t bother me but I know it irks the heck out of his wife, which doesn’t bother me either since her and I have never really gotten along all that much. It irks her real bad that every year for Christmas I bring over a new box of cigars for Michael to try out and he always gives me a case of some off the wall new bear that he wants me to try out. Sometimes we get lucky and like the new gifts and sometimes we strike out, but it is fun and it’s always something that I look forward to during the Christmas holiday season.

This year I am getting him a box of cao cigars that I found online a few months ago. I wonder what kind of beer I am going to be picking up and bringing home in exchange. There are so many new beers coming out it’s hard to even start to know what he will pick out. Won’t be long until I found out now.

CAO Cx2 Cigar Banner

CAO Cx2 Cigars