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4 Must-Have Bags

Hand bags (free clip art)

Hand bags (free clip art)

A bag is a woman’s best friend. You are never without it. As you would choose a friend, it’s important to choose a bag that is reliable and that will last you far into the future. Here are four bags every woman should have in their closet. Thanks to Groupon Coupons, you can stock up on all four and still make big savings. You don’t have to spend any money upfront to use them. Neimanmarcus has a wide selection of good looking bags to serve you far into the future.

  1. Cross-body Bag

The cross-body bag is perfect when you want to use your hands without having to worry about the safety of your bag and its contents. The reason why you can wear it across your body is because it has a long strap. Your hands are free to carry things, and to eat and drink while walking, for example. You won’t lose sight of your bag at any time and it can’t easily be snatched from you in the street. It comes in lots of shapes and sizes and you can have your pick at Neimanmarcus.

  1. Clutch Bag

These bags are particularly suitable for either a day or evening occasion when you are going somewhere by car and only need a few essential items in your bag like identification, cell phone and credit card. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, and many are simple but charming. Be sure to save some coupons for one of these. In shape they can be round, square or rectangular. If they do come with a handle, it can be tucked away or folded.

  1. All-in-One Bag

This kind of bag can double up as gym, shopping or college bag. You would stuff it with your laptop, files, magazines, books and other bulky items you need to have at your disposal all the time. They usually have two straps and are slung over one shoulder, but to avoid shoulder strain, swop them from one shoulder to the other regularly.

  1. Compartment Bag

This is usually a roomy bag whose interior has a series of compartments and zips to make it easier for you to find what you want at the click of a finger. People often have problems locating their pens, keys or cell phone at crucial moments.


Hooked on books

Just recently a friend of mine decided that he wanted to do a book exchange program with me. Seems that I have a lot of books he would like to read and he has a lot of books that he thinks I should read. So he started bringing the books that he’s read that belong to him, and then he picks one of my books that he wants to read. So far it has worked out pretty well; he’s returned every book he borrowed from me, and I’ve returned every book that I’ve borrowed from him. So far the books he has recommended have been interesting to read.

Spare keys

A couple of months ago my best friend and I decided it was a good idea to give each other a set of keys to each other’s houses and cars. Well, it’s a good thing we did! She called me this morning and said she was sick as a dog and would I please come get her and bring her to my place for a few days until she got better. She said she was too sick to even get out of bed to come to the door when I got there. So I was really glad that I had a set of keys to her place so I could let myself in! I had to pack her clothes (not too many because we are the same size and I figured she could just wear my stuff) and medicines (that was the most important stuff) and then bring her back to my place. I tucked her into the bed in the spare bedroom and am “playing nursemaid.” I think she has the flu, poor thing. I’m glad I got my flu shot!

She just can’t get any respect

I was apalled when my good friend Linda called me to tell me about how the new community service club she joined last year has been so hostile towards all of her ideas. When she joined the club, she was told that they club was dwindling in numbers, and that the membership had fallen below the “charter” numbers, which means if the people in the club wanted to charter the club NOW, they would not have enough members to actually form the club.

So she thought that the club wanted some help in recruiting members. She has made numerous suggestions to the club about how they can provide more community service that will win the hearts of the local residents, how to publicize the club, and has actually recruited many of her personal friends and neighbors, and family members to join the club.

And yet every idea that she brings to the club is immediately met with resistance and hostility, with the excuse that it is not the way they have done things in the past. Well, if they want to grow, and continue to survive, then they must adapt. It is the law of evolution. Change and adapt to the environment, or die.

I feel so badly for Linda. I know she has worked her heart out for this club – even created a fantastic website for the organization, arranged for free PSA ads to run on local television stations. And she gets no respect at all. I know she is so discouraged. It is very disheartening to work your heart out for someone just to get slapped in the face all of the time! I think she should quit the club and just let it wither away and die.

Waiting rooms

I really like helping people out whenever I get the chance. That’s why I was glad to give a friend of mine a ride to the hospital yesterday. She was going to have an ultrasound done and needed a ride. The wait was as long as I expected but I didn’t mind at all.

The only problem I had was that the magazines in the waiting room were very old. I know we are lucky to have anything to read at all, but this was ridiculous. And this particular waiting room did not have a television in it, either. That’s rather odd as well! The next time I visit the hospital, I am going to donate some up to date magazines or at least bring one of my own to read.