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Cell Phone Issues

I can’t wait for the end of October to arrive. I will then be totally done with my two year commitment with my current cell phone provider. I’m so tired of their B.S. and have wanted to sign up with another provider for such a long while now. The Internet will certainly come in handy in finding which provider that will hopefully have all the things that I need and want. A chore like this one could take some time and time is money, neither which I have much of these days.

Love Those Free Promotional Products at Trade Shows

My daughter’s best friends mother, Cheryl, and I spent the day today at a trade show that her husband asked her to attend since he was pretty much on his own. He has opened his own mail and packaging store and is trying so very hard to make a success of it and is trying so very hard to drum up business. So this trade show was a big deal for him, but to be the only one manning the booth is extremely difficult, so I was more than happy to go with Cheryl to see if we could be of any help to him and he was very happy to see us walk up to his spot to take over so that he could make a run for the men’s room.

He had set up his booth right nicely. He had a good amount of promotional goodies to entice people to come into the booth, with all of the give-a-ways sporting his company name, address, phone number and web site, which is a great way to advertise these days. People love freebies and if you can find the right ones to use they can really make a difference in the long run in getting your name and number out. There are so many promotional products out there these days. I always look for decent promotional pens, since I am always in need of a good pen and you can never have too many of them on hand. I really liked the pens that he had today, they are good quality and feel good in your hand. Believe it or not the pen feeling good can make a big difference.

We had so much time on our hands while standing there most of the day that I really got to know him better and I learned so much about the mail and packaging business so not only was it fun but interesting and educational as well. I came back with a large bag full of promotional give-a-ways from all of the other booths that were set up there today as well. All and all it was a good day for all concerned but I’m pretty tuckered out for the evening.

Cold fried chicken

A few days ago I cooked up a bunch of chicken thighs in the oven, using the recipe on the back of a famous pancake/biscuit mix that I always have in my pantry. It comes out tasting great, and it is better for you than deep fat fried. It tastes like fried chicken, but has much less fat in it. And chicken thighs are a good value; you get a lot of meat and very little bone. I like to cook up extra chicken and put the leftovers in the refrigerator and then later on for a lunch, when I’m in a hurry and eat it cold.

It reminds me of when I was younger and my folks used to go on our old fashioned Southern picnics where we would have cold fried chicken, potato salad, cheese and crackers, some grapes, maybe some potato chips and maybe some deviled eggs. I’m always surprised when I meet people who say that they’ve never heard of eating cold fried chicken and that they think the whole idea is “gross.” I think it is awesome, but to each his own and it leaves more for me!

This picture looks good right?

plate of fried chicken

Fried Chicken Picnic


Growing Up To Be What We Want To Be

It is never too soon to start looking at scholarships, their options and availability. I have always been envious of people that just seem to know what they want and can be later on in their life and have the insight at such an early age to take advantage of their educational needs and wants right off the bat. Heck here I am in mid life and still not sure what I want to grow up to be.

And the fact that so many people end up paying so much back on their Student Loans that they take out to pay for furthering their education, and that take many many years to pay off, it only makes sense to do the work that it takes to take advantage of scholarships and grants that you don’t need to pay back at all. The days that we could only rely on our High School Counselors for scholarship information and guidance about college have disappeared forever with the arrival of the Internet, but having a good relationship with your Counselor is always a good idea.

An Excellent Student Clarinet Choice For Home Bound Niece

It looks like I have found a most excellent student clarinet to place an order for my sister to give to her 11 year old daughter, Nancy. Bless her heart she has been stuck at home with a bad case of mono and is driving the entire family crazy. No picnic for Nancy either.

etude student clarinet

etude student clarinet model ecl-100

Nancy has always wanted to learn how to play a wind instrument and this is really a good deal that sis and I think it will be a good choice. Sis has a neighbor that is willing to come over and give Nancy some free lessons, which will work out really well as long as they don’t share instruments and the neighbor doesn’t spend her time cooped up in a small room right on top of each other.

Sis doesn’t have a credit card, so any time she needs or wants to order something that requires a credit card she turns to me. It all works out and I’m glad to be able to do something to help the ease the tension that is running around the house after just 3 weeks of this health concern. Mono isn’t something to take lately. I don’t hear of many people even getting Mono much these days.