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Chasing down a stray dog

I think someone has dumped an unwanted dog by the road near where we live. I have seen this strange stray dog wandering around the neighborhood for about the past week. I’ve checked with all of my neighbors, and they say they’ve seen it too, but don’t know who it belongs to. I’ve checked the animal shelter for reports of a missing dog, and looked around for “lost” posters, and they have no reports at all of the dog being reported as missing, so I really think that they dog was abandoned. The dog is a very good looking dog, I have to expect that perhaps there were some kind of behavior issues that resulted in it being dumped. I’m going to try to get the dog’s trust and see if I can coax it to come to me at some point so it doesn’t get into trouble. I know one of my neighbors raises chickens and they said if they catch the dog in their chicken yard they will shoot it, and I really don’t want that to happen!

Using the Ham Bone Today

Almost everyone I know who celebrates Easter with a special family dinner serves ham. I know some people also serve turkey, but ham really is the traditional meat at Easter dinner. We splurged and bought a Honey Baked ham for our dinner. That is the best ham I’ve ever tasted, and it has never disappointed me. The fact that the hams are all spiral sliced for me is an extra bonus.

Today, I cut away the rest of the ham from the bone and decided to use the ham bone in my crock pot to make a big batch of bean soup. I love bean soup, and since it is still chilly here, it’s not too late to enjoy a bowl of hot ham and bean soup, with big chunks of pumpernickel bread and honey butter.

I used to give the left over ham bone to my dogs, but a good friend told me of her dog dying from eating a bone. Evidently the bone was swallowed with a sharp edge that pierced her dogs intestines. By the time realize she was seriously hurt it was too late to save her. I had never considered a ham bone to be a threat to my dog’s life – I always thought it was a treat. I can’t bear the thought of my dog dying from what was supposed to be a treat. So I decided then and there to never give my dogs any bones again. Besides, the bones make great soup stock and then everyone can enjoy them!

The airlines reputations are suffering

Recently Linda sent me the link to her blog post about the terrible way some airline employees treated a disabled veteran and his dog. When I watched the video, I felt so bad for that poor man. He must have felt so stranded and alone. What makes me even sadder is knowing that there are a lot of caring citizens that live near the airport that he was stranded in and I know that they would have been glad to take them in for a night or two and made the experience less traumatic.

When people treat other people like this it reminds me of why I wanted to be a veterinarian – most animals do not “choose” to be mean. They are what they are. I feel that I can always trust a snake to be a snake, and a tiger to be a tiger. Trusting people, however, is a lot more challenging!

Playing Statue

For the last couple of weeks our 1 1/2 year old male Pug has decided that his favorite game to play with me is “The Statue Game”  when I call him to come inside he just automatically freezes and there he stays, he doesn’t even seem to blink an eye the whole time, the little stinker.  I have to admit that he does make an adorably cute little statue but this very boring game is starting to get old. Even doesn’t even want to come when I get a doggie treat in my hand to try and bait him in with.


Lacey and Rebbie

My friend, Theresa, has a beautiful Golden Retriever named Lacey.  Lacey, like her predecessor, Rebel, is a very unique dog.  She is playful and has beautiful eyes that look right into your heart.

She and Rebel are unique in that they both liked to ride the lawn mower, the snowmobiles and the three wheeler whenever they got the chance.

You see, Theresa’s husband, Terry had Rebel when Theresa and he met.  They got married and Rebel and Theresa became close.  He loved to ride the mower and three wheeler.  Not on the back, mind you, but right up front, so he could “drive”. Well, Rebel got old and passed on into that big doghouse in the sky. He is laid to rest out back under a pine tree.

So, Terry and Theresa got Lacey a few months after Rebel passed.  She took to the house as if she had been there before.  She did all the same things that Rebel had done with the machinery.  It was if Rebel was talking to her from dog heaven.  It made Theresa so happy that Lacey was so much like Rebel had been.  Here is a picture of Lacey and Theresa.  I miss them both, for they live very far away from me now.

Theresa and Lacey mowing the lawn