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Cell Phone Issues

I can’t wait for the end of October to arrive. I will then be totally done with my two year commitment with my current cell phone provider. I’m so tired of their B.S. and have wanted to sign up with another provider for such a long while now. The Internet will certainly come in handy in finding which provider that will hopefully have all the things that I need and want. A chore like this one could take some time and time is money, neither which I have much of these days.

Random Class Action Lawsuits

Am I the only one that receives several notices of Class Action Lawsuits that I “might possibly” be entitled to?  I have always been leery of those notices that I occasionally receive in the U.S. Mail and generally they get tossed right into the paper and cardboard recycling bin without a second glance.

It was really weird today going out and getting my mail and finding an envelope that contained a check for $12.47 telling me that it is the first installment of a Class Action Suit that is from my previous cell and home phone provider. I love finding a check in the mail with the thought that there could possibly more coming since they informed me that it is the first installment, but no indication of how many more will follow.

So I am thinking that next time I get one of these notices in the mail telling me that I “might possibly” be entitled to some money from a Class Action Lawsuit going on I think that I will start reading them. Or if I have any questions I can find a San Diego Lawyer here in town and see if they can help me figure it out, then so be it. I’d love to be receiving more checks and less bills any day of the year.

Time for a new cell phone

Guest post by Angie Dunham

Today is February 1st, I’ve waited a good long while for this date to come, see I have been saddled with a very long 2 year contract with Sprint for my cell phone usage and as of today I am a free woman. Free to look around and find the best deal that is out there with all of the post holiday promotions going on right now. I’ve been asking around a bit, here and there with people in my family, friends and co works and now I am going to turn to the Internet to do some research. I’m sure there will be some websites that will help me compare companies, their phones and as well as their numerous packages.

I will take my time, no hurry, I just like the idea of not being tied to Sprint anymore; they haven’t been all that bad, but I know that I can do better if I just take the time and do my homework at my leisure. So far I understand that Verizon and AT&T seem to get the best signal around here, which is a huge deal. Nothing worse that not being able to get a signal, especially during an emergency.

Cell phone service

I finally got rid of my cell phone provider that I have had since 2003.  I have been a faithful, good customer who paid on time every month and they still treat me badly.  The rates are so expensive.  They tack all these little extra charges on your cell phone bill every month.  I had to be sure to examine my cell bill very closely every month and almost every month, I found something that I had been charged for that was not supposed to be there.

You would think that these cell phone companies would treat their customers a bit better.  They want us to buy their services, but treat us like we don’t matter.

I switched to Straight Talk a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with it.  I have great coverage and all the services I had with my old company; voice mail, call waiting and caller ID.  I ALSO have unlimited talk, text, pics and data (which I did not have before, because I could not afford it), all for $45 a month!!  The phone I bought uses Verizon towers, so the coverage is great!!