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In The Midst of Chaos

There are quite a few advantages that do mange to come out of coming from a large family that I never would have thought of when growing up in the midst of all the chaos that went on back in the “good old days”  One of the good things that is extremely helpful in all of our later years in life is to be able to call on the services and expertise that everyone has gotten into over the years.

We have a wide variety of professions spread out around the ever growing family but we have never had an attorney in the family, which certainly would have come in handy a plenty through out the years. Not that we have a lot of criminals in the family but there are plenty of times that legal issues have come and inevitably will come up in the future that certainly warranted the need for a good quality attorney. So when the announcement came that one of my nephews has decided to pursue the legal profession up in Cincinnati, Ohio the whole family felt the need to celebrate before he heads off to college in just a few months. So come Labor Day weekend as many family members that can manage to gather themselves up and make trip will hopefully send him off to law school in style! Looks like I need to start finding the perfect gift for the occasion. Labor Day weekend will be here in no time flat.

White Wire LED Christmas Lights

My neighbor is a tad touched in various ways. He is nice enough and never gives anyone any trouble, he is just of a different sort. It is now the end of April and he still has his Christmas tree up and lit! It is still all decked out with the white led christmas lights and ornaments that any and everyone can see through his large living room window that faces the street. This is the first time that any of us have noticed something to this extreme and it has the neighborhood talking once again about the man in the red, white and blue house, that is right next to my house.

I remember one year he had his Christmas tree all done in red, white and blue, but he took it down in a timely fashion. I know that he alive. I see him coming and going enough to know that he is up and moving, so we can only speculate on why this poor four month old Christmas is still doing up, and decorated and lit. Maybe he will just keep it up all year so he doesn’t have to do it all over again next Christmas. It is only 8 months away at this point!

Can’t Have Karaoke Without a Microphone

A couple of years ago my boss wanted to have karaoke at our company Christmas Party. We were working on a tight budget for the party and I looked all over for professional karaoke that we could afford. But no one was even close to charging what our budget would allow.
So, I got the bright idea to buy a karaoke machine and some DVDs and then we printed up the words on the computer and photocopied them at work to hand out at the party. It turned out to be quite the it at the party and I ended up taking the karaoke machine home. Thinking we might be able to use the karaoke machine this year, I dug it out of the garage and plugged it in to make sure it works. But I cannot find the microphone anywhere. Well, you can’t have karaoke without a microphone, so I am looking online to order a new one quick.
I’m in luck, because I just found shure microphones at musicians friend and they are not very expensive at all. I know that shure microphones are what the professional deejays and karaoke entertainers use, so that is what I’m getting. We’ll be ready for a fun time at this Christmas party in a couple of weeks. I’m actually looking forward to it.

CAO Cx2 Cigars and Beers

My Uncle Jack was known for always having a cigar in his mouth. The half smoked cigar that he was enjoying and had left in the one ash tray in the house, right next to his easy chair in the living room that he spent a good amount of time in, just kicking back and enjoying his golden years after retiring from working his butt off in the same factory for all of his working years.

I still enjoy the smell of a good cigar and when I go to visit my cousin Michael I can usually smell his house before I get to the front door, he has been smoking either a pipe or cigars for so long that the house has gotten saturated with the strong smell of these tobacco products. It doesn’t bother me but I know it irks the heck out of his wife, which doesn’t bother me either since her and I have never really gotten along all that much. It irks her real bad that every year for Christmas I bring over a new box of cigars for Michael to try out and he always gives me a case of some off the wall new bear that he wants me to try out. Sometimes we get lucky and like the new gifts and sometimes we strike out, but it is fun and it’s always something that I look forward to during the Christmas holiday season.

This year I am getting him a box of cao cigars that I found online a few months ago. I wonder what kind of beer I am going to be picking up and bringing home in exchange. There are so many new beers coming out it’s hard to even start to know what he will pick out. Won’t be long until I found out now.

CAO Cx2 Cigar Banner

CAO Cx2 Cigars

Listening To Christmas Albums and Busy Decorating

Last weekend we bought a small artificial Christmas Tree at a thrift store, and brought it home and set it up. We had to re-arrange some furniture, and now walking through the place is a little bit more challenging, but we’ll make do with it for a few weeks!   I’m hoping to have the time to decorate before this Thanksgiving.  I have a pretty large collection of handmade ornaments that I like to put on the tree.  Some were made by friends and family, some I made.  Each and everyone one is full of memories, and that is why I like to decorate the tree – each ornament holds a memory that is very dear to me in some way.

When I decorate the tree I always put on the Christmas albums that only get brought out once a year to to play on my record player that only gets used once a year and that is to play the Christmas albums that I was given by my mother years ago. The same ones that she played on her record player each Christmas while she decorated the tree, the house, entertained friends, family and neighbors that would drop in for the holidays. I wish she had kept and given me the record player, but she got rid of that quite some time ago and she started getting getting into cassette tapes and eventually into DVDs. It broke one year and she didn’t want to spend the money to have it fixed so she tossed in the trash and never gave it a second thought.

In fact, her giving me these Christmas albums was the whole reason I searched and searched for a record player to play them on. This was over twelve years ago and finding a record player wasn’t an easy thing to do. But fortunately they have become popular once again and you can find them just about everywhere and albums are starting to come back as well! They say everything old becomes new again. In this case it holds true and I for one am grateful.