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When is a Caddy a Farm Use vehicle?

Okay, so what is the deal with the “farm use” tags I see on several vehicles these days? I see them driving on the road with broken tail lights, windows, etc. These vehicles clearly would not pass inspection, so why are they allowed on the roads?

I, as a normal, rational, human being, would consider a vehicle with a tag that reads “farm use” to be used on the farm, not to run to the grocery store, or to run my pet to the vet’s  office, or any place else that involved traveling the roads with other vehicles. I can’t believe that our state and local governments are gullible enough to allow these people to do this.

I saw a car at my vet’s office today with the farm use tags. Now this vehicle was a Cadillac. Please tell me who on earth would use a Cadillac on the farm? Please!

Oh no, my beautiful car!!!

I came out of work to the parking lot, where many of us who work downtown pay to park our cars; a safe place to park, one might think.
As I walked toward my car, I notice a piece of paper under one windshield wiper. My first thought was “that had better not be a ticket, my parking is paid up”.

So, I get to the car and see that it is indeed a ticket, but not the kind of ticket I had suspected. It was information written by a police officer giving the information for the driver of the vehicle that had hit my car!!!! Now this car was 5 years old, yes, but it was in excellent condition, not a scratch on it. So, needless to say, I was a bit upset. Not angry, mind you, but just upset.

I called the phone number of the driver of the pickup that was the culprit and they said that they had already contacted their insurance company to file a claim. I was very pleasantly surprised.  Most people would have just driven away thinking that they would get away with it. But, low and behold, there are some honest people still left in the world.

Police Chase on Our Street

Last night we had some real crime drama in our neighborhood. I am reluctant to write about, as I don’t want people to think badly of me and where I live. But this was an unusual occurrence and I thought it was worth mentioning because a lot of neighbors take their safety and security a little too casually around here. Crime can happen anywhere, and we all need to be prepared for it with reasonable precautions.

Police car chase (free clip art)

Police car chase (free clip art)

This is usually a quiet neighborhood and we rarely see a police car on our street. But last night the police were evidently chasing some drug dealer guy on the highway from the next County, and he got off the highway at my exit. The perpetrator made his way through all the back roads and then down our neighborhood street in a high speed chase. He lost control of his car and wrecked a couple hundred feet away from my house. The car slid into the deep ditch and banged up against my neighbor’s fence, trapping him inside. In a way that was good, because I would not like to think that he might have gotten out of the car and run into one of the houses on my street with the chance of a hostage situation or anything worse than what it was.
fire truck (free clip art)

fire truck (free clip art)

So, we had lots of police and even a fire truck at the crime scene for several hours last night. Thankfully, none of my neighbors were hurt or bothered more than a little inconvenience at the roads being clogged for an hour or so while they arrested this guy and had his car towed off. It looks like the fence is easily repairable and I hope they keep that guy in jail for a long time.
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Listening To My Car

I’m so glad that I was paying attention to the signals that my car was sending out to me. A couple of days ago I decided to pop the hood and check the oil level. Come to find out it was a whole quart low, so I found a funnel and our stash of motor oil and proceeded to fill that baby up and off I went on my daily business. Well yesterday I noticed a strange noise coming from under the hood and when I stopped at a red light I thought I noticed some smoke coming out from under there as well so I pulled into the closest gas station, popped the hood again and found that I had forgotten to put the oil cap back on when I had finished topping off the oil the day before.

What a mess, there was oil everywhere. I cleaned up as much as I could with the paper towels that I had in the car, checked the oil level again, found that it was once again a quart low, filled her up again and continued on my merry way. I have never done anything like that before, didn’t I feel like an idiot.

A Used SUV in their Future?

My nephew moved to Jacksonville, Florida about two years ago and now he is being offered a job in Tampa, FL. He grew up in Florida and does not mind moving around to the different areas of the state. But evidently his wife, who was born and raised in California, is having a hard time adjusting to several moves in the few years that they’ve been married.

One of the advantages to his new job is a big pay increase, which means that his wife can buy a car for herself and the kids. He has already gone online to www.parkautomall.com and looked for an SUV that she might like from the Tampa used cars and trucks site. They have two young daughters and actually need an SUV for all the strollers and diaper bags and assorted baby gear that they have to take with them on their short visits to family. With his new salary the credit approval should be a breeze.

I think the Toyota Venza is a great SUV and perfect for a young family. I used to have a Toyota Previa, but they don’t make that model any more. The best thing about Toyota is that they are so dependable. When you are hauling young children around town, you need to know that the car is going to start when you turn the key and that you are not going to break down on the bridge or side of the road.

Since they are too far away to go look at all the cars on the used car lot, they can use view the used car videos to see if it is worth driving all the way over there for a test drive. It is amazing how technology can help someone who wants to buy a used car for their family. The last time I bought a car there was nothing like this!