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$50 VISA Gift Card Giveaway By 1800-Number

Just when I was thinking that life was getting boring, this 1800-Number Give-Away comes along! I’ve seen Give-Away’s on people’s websites before, but I haven’t ever entered any of them, or put them on my own website because they are usually giving away some baby-related merchandise. I don’t HAVE any babies, and so I haven’t given those Give-Aways a second glance. But THIS Give-Away has a $50 VISA Gift Card as the prize! How AWESOME can it get!

Have you ever heard of a virtual phone number service? When I was setting up this Give-Away, I learned about what a virtual phone number is. Once I realized how convenient it would be, I decided that I will suggest to my local community service club to look into getting a virtual phone number. It is long past time for our club to join the modern world and list a contact phone number that doesn’t change every year when new club officers are elected! They’d save a fortune on business cards and flyers!

The great thing about Gift Cards is that they are so versatile! I am going to enter this Give-Away, for sure.  If I WIN this Give-Away, I think I’ll use the Gift Card to buy a new purse. The purse I’m using now I’ve had for over eight years, and it is ready to retire!


The Give-Away ends on May 12, 2014, so if you want to enter it, I suggest you get right on it!

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Julie Callaway Blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Love Those Free Promotional Products at Trade Shows

My daughter’s best friends mother, Cheryl, and I spent the day today at a trade show that her husband asked her to attend since he was pretty much on his own. He has opened his own mail and packaging store and is trying so very hard to make a success of it and is trying so very hard to drum up business. So this trade show was a big deal for him, but to be the only one manning the booth is extremely difficult, so I was more than happy to go with Cheryl to see if we could be of any help to him and he was very happy to see us walk up to his spot to take over so that he could make a run for the men’s room.

He had set up his booth right nicely. He had a good amount of promotional goodies to entice people to come into the booth, with all of the give-a-ways sporting his company name, address, phone number and web site, which is a great way to advertise these days. People love freebies and if you can find the right ones to use they can really make a difference in the long run in getting your name and number out. There are so many promotional products out there these days. I always look for decent promotional pens, since I am always in need of a good pen and you can never have too many of them on hand. I really liked the pens that he had today, they are good quality and feel good in your hand. Believe it or not the pen feeling good can make a big difference.

We had so much time on our hands while standing there most of the day that I really got to know him better and I learned so much about the mail and packaging business so not only was it fun but interesting and educational as well. I came back with a large bag full of promotional give-a-ways from all of the other booths that were set up there today as well. All and all it was a good day for all concerned but I’m pretty tuckered out for the evening.

The printing business

The printing business is one that has always fascinated me. My Uncle Dave used to work for a book-binding company; his job was applying the glue to the spine of the book. My first husband went to a vocational school to learn how to run a printing press for a local printing company that made their money as print brokers for other companies. I can remember when he took me on a tour of the press room; it was quite impressive!

In The Potting Shed

I don’t have the opportunity to watch any of the Martha Stewart shows on television because of my work schedule, but I do enjoy watching clips from her shows on You Tube. This clip is of her with Conan in the potting shed, making topiaries from some plants that Conan claims he found in his back yard. It’s refreshing to see that Martha has a great sense of humor after all that she has been through! Very amusing!

I just heard on the radio that she has signed up with Match.com and is looking for a partner. I wish her luck!

Give a Club of the Month Gift to Individuals or Business Clients

An Ideal Way to Show Your Regard to Friends and Associates

Not only is a club of the month gift great for giving to your friends and acquaintances, it is also an excellent way to demonstrate goodwill to business associates as well. So, whether you want to build a business relationship or are looking for that perfect present, a monthly club gift is the ideal way to show your regard to other professionals or members of your family.

Find a Monthly Gift for Everyone on Your Gift List

Monthly club gifts are featured that send recipients such monthly items as pies, hot and spicy foods, bourbon, scotch, candles, cheese, chocolates, cigars, and gift cards to favorite restaurants. Therefore, you no doubt will find a gift that is especially suited to almost anyone on your gift list.

Send Your Gifts Any Time During the Year

The best way to make a selection is to visit the ClubsGalore.com website. ClubsGalore.com offers club members and gift givers the opportunity to buy monthly gifts that cover a span of 3 months (the bronze package), 6 months ( the silver gift plan), 9 months (the gold package), and one year (the platinum plan). You can also choose to start sending the monthly gifts any month you want. Gifts can be sent during the Christmas holidays, in an anniversary month, or in the month of one’s birthday.

Take a Look at the ClubsGalore.com Site to Make Gift-giving a Simpler Process

So, if you aren’t quite sure what to get your mom or dad, spouse, or sister or brother. Or, if you are wondering what kind of gift to give to a fellow associate, then you’ll want to take a look at the wide variety of monthly gift products that are highlighted on the ClubsGalore.com site.