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Hiking through the woods

I remember back when I was a young girl (and even as a teenager), how I would spend hours hiking through the woods near my home. I would literally walk for miles and think nothing of it. Nowadays, it is difficult for me to even walk a half mile.

In thinking back, as an adult now, I seem to think of all of the things that could have happened to me while I was out there wandering all alone. I never ran into a bear, or a snake (and I did a lot of rock climbing in those days) or any rabid animals. I guess I was very lucky indeed. I did, however, when I was 16, run into a black panther just up the road from where I lived. I thought it was the neighbor’s dog, so I whistled and called her name. The cat turned around and looked at me (thank goodness I was on my bicycle). I never rode so fast in my life! My Grandmother said that my face was as white as a sheet.

I also remember riding my bicycle “around the block”, which consisted of a 5-6 mile ride. I loved it! I really miss the country life sometimes.