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The best sleep ever

sleeping baby (free clip art)

sleeping baby (free clip art)

Every once in awhile, I have a great nights sleep. This happened to me the other night and I was glad for a change. I had a long day and was tired as I usually am. But this night I slept like a baby.

I don’t know why this night was any different than the rest, but I awoke just as fresh as could be. My day went by quickly and I was just waiting to get home for another nights rest.


Harry and Charlie

My all time favorite video is of the two English kids Charlie and Harry. Remember the one where Harry is crying that his brother Charlie bit his finger and it really hurt? Well I found this video on YouTube entitled “Working with Harry and Charlie” that shows what these two very famous and well loved kids are up to these days……..

Harry looks and sounds pretty much the same, just a bit taller, and still cute as can be.

A Used SUV in their Future?

My nephew moved to Jacksonville, Florida about two years ago and now he is being offered a job in Tampa, FL. He grew up in Florida and does not mind moving around to the different areas of the state. But evidently his wife, who was born and raised in California, is having a hard time adjusting to several moves in the few years that they’ve been married.

One of the advantages to his new job is a big pay increase, which means that his wife can buy a car for herself and the kids. He has already gone online to www.parkautomall.com and looked for an SUV that she might like from the Tampa used cars and trucks site. They have two young daughters and actually need an SUV for all the strollers and diaper bags and assorted baby gear that they have to take with them on their short visits to family. With his new salary the credit approval should be a breeze.

I think the Toyota Venza is a great SUV and perfect for a young family. I used to have a Toyota Previa, but they don’t make that model any more. The best thing about Toyota is that they are so dependable. When you are hauling young children around town, you need to know that the car is going to start when you turn the key and that you are not going to break down on the bridge or side of the road.

Since they are too far away to go look at all the cars on the used car lot, they can use view the used car videos to see if it is worth driving all the way over there for a test drive. It is amazing how technology can help someone who wants to buy a used car for their family. The last time I bought a car there was nothing like this!

Baby Showers Galore

Coming from a very large and extended family I have the pleasure of attending numerous family events and activities all year round. There seems to always be a graduation, a wedding, a new baby and unfortunately funerals as well. With as many people in the family there has been rash of baby showers going on for the past couple of years and they don’t seem to be slowing down either.

Don’t get me wrong, I love baby showers, it’s just that I always have the worse time trying to figure out and find the perfect gift. I have to be honest I gave up trying to be creative some time ago and just decided to start giving diapers as my gifts to the mothers-to-be which seems to be working quite well for me. Most of the time I get told that those diapers really helped out. I don’t buy them the newborn ones, babies don’t stay in that tiny size for long so I try and buy them the sizes that the babies will be needing and using around the 3 to 6 months. As many diapers as babies go through you can never have too many of them around, and we all know they are not cheap by any means.

So in anticipation of the baby showers that are scheduled to be held in the next couple of months I have gone online to see how to go about buying diapers in bulk. That hasn’t turned out as well as I had hoped but I did find coupon codes for diapers that I think I’ll go ahead and use when I get my next paycheck next Friday. I’m hoping that I can have a nice stock pile of assorted diapers in assorted sizes so that I can just pick out what I want when I want it and head out the door nice and easy like. In fact in the month of August I have three baby showers to attend, there must have been a lot of power outages last winter that kept people warm and making babies, either that or there was something in the water.