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Cushions and pillows

Yesterday I had to drive my parents to work – neither one of them felt well enough to drive, and they needed to go in for a couple of hours. So while I was waiting for them to finish up what they needed to do I took their car over to Costco to fill up the gas tank, and then I saw a Hancock Fabric store next door. Well, I have been looking for some pretty and reasonably priced fabric to make some slip covers for the cushions and pillows in the family room, so I thought that I’d drop in and take a look at what they have on their clearance table. I saw a lot of really nice fabric, but also saw that they have a discount day twice a month, so I think I’ll come back on a discount day and do some serious shopping!

All fluff and no stuff

Earlier today I had to stop in at Food Lion to pick up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. Whenever I go into a grocery store to pick up a few things I take a quick look around to see if there are any fantastic special deals that I can take advantage of while I’m there. I’m always looking for ways to stretch the food dollar, and if I’m already in the store and see a bargain, well, so much the better!

After I picked up the milk I had to walk through the bakery department to get to the cash registers. I think that someone very evil designed that floor plan – it is so hard to resist all of those yummy looking treats! Well, I bought a package of fresh baked turnovers and brought them home. They were on sale, but the “best buy” date was several days away.

I have to say that the turnovers looked fantastic, but when I took a bite it wasn’t long before I realized that there was just the tiniest hint of any filling in the turnovers at all! That was quite disappointing, and the next time I go to Food Lion I am going to complain to the manager that their fruit turnovers were all fluff and no stuff.

Gender gap

I was reading an article in the Time website about the myth that boys are better than girls in math. It reminded me of an anecdote my aunt told me about when she went to high school back in the early ’70s. She signed up for a class in functions, one of the most advanced math classes her school had to offer. She had already aced Algebra I, II, and Trig. The next course to take was functions. So she signed up for it. Her teacher was a man who announced on the first day of class that he believed that girls should not be in his class, that they were taking up seats that boys should be in. He warned them that he had never passed a girl in his glass, and never WILL pass a girl. He told them all to drop his class immediately or they would flunk. He said he would never answer any of their questions and never grade their tests – they would be given automatic “Fs” on everything.

Well, my aunt went to the school counselor and the school counselor said there was nothing they could do; he was the only functions math teacher they had. She was advised to stay in the class. She had a step-brother taking the same class and they did their homework together. They turned in their homework (with the same answers) and her brother got “As” and she got “Fs.” The teacher DID give her “Fs” on all of her tests, even though she had the same answers as the ones who got As. Going back to the counselor, again she was told there was nothing she could do but drop the class!

Can you imagine? To this day my aunt is bitter about this; that jerk ruined her GPA which ruined her chances to be the class valedictorian and a fully paid scholarship to the college that she wanted to go to. She will never get over how that jerk ruined her chances to pursue the career of her dreams. I don’t blame her, I’d be bitter too! People say not to let these things “ruin” your life, how CAN you NOT let them ruin your life? How CAN you let go of this kind of resentment that someone ruined your chances to have the ONE career you wanted to have? I don’t know the answer to that, do you?

Belly button rings

When my niece was living with me in 2002, she was asking me every day to let her do something radical to her appearance. One day she was telling me that she wanted to pierce her tongue (I said no) and the next day she wanted to shave her head. I actually said “yes” to that, but she didn’t do it. I think she was just testing me on that one. I kept telling her that I had promised her parents that while she was in my care that I would not let her get any body piercings or any tattoos. If they wanted to let her decorate her body in that fashion then they could take her to the piercing salon and tattoo parlor herself.

The requests did not stop, however. At least once a week she would ask me if she could get her tongue pierced, or her naval pierced. Or even her nose a couple of times. For a while I stated just saying “no you can’t pierce anything or tattoo anything” before I even said “Hi!” So it was with much glee and satisfaction when she went back to live with her parents at the end of the school year that she got her naval and tongue pierced AND got a couple of tattoos as well! I think she thought that I’d be angry with her about it, but I didn’t care at all. In fact I was more than happy to give her a couple of pretty belly button rings for Christmas that next holiday season!