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Music is a personal thing

Musical notes (free clip art)

Musical notes (free clip art)

One thing that my husband and I do not agree on is music. He likes the “moldy oldies” from the 1940’s and 1950’s while I much prefer to listen to what I call “classic” rock and roll like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,  and The Who.  Since my hubby is home all of the time, and in pain from all of his injuries, I humor him and let him listen to his music when we are together. But when I am alone, if music is playing it is “my” music as quick as I can change the station!

Another thing we disagree on when it comes to listening to music is that he likes to listen to music at the highest volume possible! That loudness really hurts my ears! So there are a lot of times when I get into my car and start the engine and am blasted with very loud music! I need to learn to turn the volume down on the radio before I even turn the key!

Tips for Your Online Dating Profile

online dating girl (free clip art)

online dating girl (free clip art)

Dating today is nowhere near the same as it was decades ago. Today, instead of likely meeting someone while at school, work, or through friends, many people are taking their dating lives to the Internet. The popularity of online dating websites like and, as well as the popularity of dating apps like Tinder, has grown tremendously over the years. In fact, more than 41,000,000 people have tried online dating.

When you use online dating, you’re asked to create an online dating profile. This profile is what other users will look at to determine if they want to meet you. Usually, communication is started between you and a prospect to determine if you have anything in common that warrants a real date, and real dates are set forth from there if desired.

online dating boy (free clip art)

online dating boy (free clip art)

Since your Internet dating success rate is based mostly on your profile, you’ll want to ensure you create one that makes you attractive to potential suitors. Here are some tips to help you create the best online dating profile.

Talk about yourself.

Although this may seem obvious, many people use their online dating profile to discuss the person they want to meet instead of themselves, and this is a big no-no. If you want someone to be interested in you, it’s important to talk about you. It is okay to mention what you’re looking for, but be sure the majority of your profile discusses you instead of what you want.

Be positive.

music (free clip art)

music (free clip art)

Most online profiles will ask you to list likes and dislikes, and if your dislikes far outnumber your likes, you may turn off potential suitors. Being too negative can have a negative impact on your love life. After all, if your entire profile is one big complaint, nobody will want to meet you in real life and listen to Negative Nancy all night long.

Instead, be positive. Talk about what you love to do and what you like to do. If there is something you don’t like, try turning into a positive. For example, if you hate a certain genre of music, talk about the type of music that you do like instead. This will be much more attractive.

Look your best, but in a real way.

Because most people make snap judgments based on the picture they see, it’s important that you put a decent profile picture on your profile to make you attractive to suitors. However, it’s also important that you don’t lie. For example, if you’re 40, putting a picture of yourself from when you were 21 is not a good idea. The individual who wants to meet you for a date will be very disappointed when you don’t look like your picture.

selfie (free clip art)

selfie (free clip art)

Take a real picture of yourself and put it on your profile. Do your best to make yourself attractive, such as by doing your hair, wearing makeup, and smiling. (Hint: This would be a good time to visit the dentist to give you the best smile, such as through teeth whitening or dental implants.) By using an attractive yet realistic picture of yourself, you’ll be more likely to impress the individual you date in person.

Stinky shrimp

fried shrimp (free clip art)

fried shrimp (free clip art)

A couple of nights ago my mother brought home some leftover fried shrimp from the dinner she had eaten out. She said she thought I might enjoy it. I asked her to put it in the refrigerator and I would eat it the next day for lunch. Well, the next day I wasn’t home for lunch time, but I WAS home alone for supper, so I went ahead and took the leftovers out of the refrigerator and put them in the microwave oven. The leftovers had come in a cardboard box, and I thought it would would be perfectly safe to microwave them.

Well, I obviously nuked them for too long – they were as hard as rocks. And the leftover french fries were hard too. Hating to throw food away, I decided to try to eat them anyway. I managed to get the shrimp down, by soaking them in cocktail sauce, but no amount of ketchup or sauce was going to rescue those french fries! I think that in the future if someone brings home some leftover fried shrimp I’ll wrap them in a damp paper towel before nuking them. And give them less time in the microwave too.

On top of that I have had to deal with stinky odor that settled deep into the microwave oven. I’m pressed for time so I grabbed a bottle of apple cider vinegar and poured some into a bowl, put it into the microwave and set it for 60 seconds. I’m hoping that the vinegar will take the odor out without me having to wipe the whole thing down. I KNOW that it didn’t spatter all over the oven; it was in a box for goodness sake!

The Turkey Rap Video

With the hunting season getting ready to start my sister who is into the whole hunting scene these past couple of years, sent me this video in an email, and it was too funny not share here today on my blog. It’s called the Turkey Rap and you can find it on I hope you think it is funny and maybe pass it along to others that might get a laugh as well.

How to make an elastic bow tie out of ribbon

bow (free clip art)

bow (free clip art)

Making an elastic bow tie from ribbon is simple, fun and thrifty. These ribbons are suitable for all lengths of hair and can be customized to pair with any outfit or look. Several ways to make these bow ties exist, here are some of the ways:

First, the type of ribbon needs to be selected. Many types of materials are available but for beginners, grosgrain is recommended because it is the easiest to work. When becoming more advanced, smoother materials such as silk can be used.

Second, you will want to decide how you want to ribbon to attach to your hair. Headbands, pins, elastics all work well.

Here are the steps for tying the ribbon:

Basic Bow-

  1. Fold the ribbon around chosen accessory.
  2. Take the left piece and cross it over the right.
  3. Then take the left piece and go under the right.
  4. Now take both ends of the ribbon and make them into loops.
  5. Next, cross the left loop over the right loop.
  6. And then put the left under the right loop and pull tight.
  7. Make it to where the loops are the same size and then cut the ends to make them even.

Faux Bow-
This is an ideal bow for a barrette and can be made with one, two or three loops.

1. Start with two 8-inch pieces of ribbon.
2. Next, make one of the pieces into a loop with its ends overlapping, and place on the barrette.
3. Put the ribbon through the barrette and tie it around the barrette and the loop.
4. Turn the knot around so it’s underneath the barrette.
5. Arrange the tails to look uniform.

Ribbon Ruffle-

  1. Finish the edges and let dry a 1 1/2 inch piece of satin ribbon.
  2. Next, sew a line of stitches along the edge of the ribbon, roughly a 1/4 inch long.
  3. Gather the ribbon so that’s it’s twice the length of the barrette.
  4. Backstitch twice, and then tie off the thread.
  5. Make it into a “U” and sew the ends together.
  6. Lastly, sew the ribbon onto the barrette.

This last bow looks elegant yet very girly.


  1. Paint both ends of a 24-inch piece of a least 1-inch wide ribbon with clear nail polish.
  2. Fold one corner down to meet the edges.
  3. Sew along the corner of the entire length of the ribbon, starting at the corner.
  4. Grasp the ribbon firmly and tie off.
  5. Curl the ribbon around, starting at the pointy end, it should now start to take the shape of a rose.
  6. Sew the layers of the bottom together.
  7.  Glue to chosen hair accessory.In order to get the exact type of ribbon that suits your project, the differences between the two major ribbon suppliers is extremely helpful to know.

Here are the notable differences and similarities between Offray and Schiff solid grosgrain ribbon:

Made in the USA of American polyester.
Large selections of colors and sizes.
Very similar color palletes.
Both can be ironed, washed and dried and curled.
Schiff has a higher thread count, therefore it is thicker and heavier.
Schiff has a matte finish.
The edges of Schiff ribbon have more pronounced selvedge.
The colors Schiff offers rarely change.
Offray ribbon has a slight sheen.
Offray colors are bold and change often.

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