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Funny stunts on YouTube

One of the things that I enjoy about YouTube is that some people upload videos of themselves playing harmless little stunts or pranks. No one seems to be terribly embarrassed by the stunts – it seems to make everyone laugh. The creativity of the stunts is quite impressive – I used to think that my family was crazy, but these stunts make my family look tame in comparison!

Going out to eat

Wait staff at restaurants (free clip art)

Wait staff at restaurants

One thing that everybody in my family loves to do is to go out to eat. The challenge is that we don’t always agree on where to go. My son likes Chinese food or pizza while my hubby prefers steak. It’s always hard to find a place that will please everyone. If we are going out to eat to celebrate someone’s birthday we will let the guest of honor choose what type of food to eat. After all, it IS that person’s birthday! Sometimes we will celebrate something else, like a promotion at work, or a new job, or someone’s good news of some kind. Again, there is usually a guest of honor and we let that person pick the restaurant.

If we are just going out to eat because we “feel like it” we figure out who is paying for the meal, and THAT person picks the place! We live too far out in the country to be able to call for some kind of delivery (that’s the only thing I dislike about living out here!) but occasionally one of us will volunteer to go pick up pizza or Chinese food in town to bring back with them for us to eat. We have a couple of large insulated bags we use to put the food in at the restaurant to help keep the food hot on the way home.

My Need For More Speed

Had to call on my kid brother, the computer geek/whiz of the family to discuss speed up pc options for my poor tired old laptop of mine. This thing is driving me crazy and I would really love to be able to buy a new one, but that just isn’t in the budget right now. Maybe I’ll put a new laptop on my Christmas wish list, let’s face it Christmas is right around the corner. If I continue to be a good girl I just might get one!

Cushions and pillows

Yesterday I had to drive my parents to work – neither one of them felt well enough to drive, and they needed to go in for a couple of hours. So while I was waiting for them to finish up what they needed to do I took their car over to Costco to fill up the gas tank, and then I saw a Hancock Fabric store next door. Well, I have been looking for some pretty and reasonably priced fabric to make some slip covers for the cushions and pillows in the family room, so I thought that I’d drop in and take a look at what they have on their clearance table. I saw a lot of really nice fabric, but also saw that they have a discount day twice a month, so I think I’ll come back on a discount day and do some serious shopping!

Family Reunion

For the family reunion that we are planning on hosting next year at my parents place we have decided to get some custom design t-shirts made up with our family crest and name printed on them to give out to each guest. Even though this reunion isn’t for almost another year there is so much to do and I fear this year will go quicker then ever and that we won’t get everything done and ready in time, it won’t be for the lack of trying though and I’m so glad that I’m not trying to do it all on my own.