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A Good Business Neighbor

I was just reading an article online about back in 2006, how a dry cleaner learned about perc contamination and became concerned about how the property behind his dry cleaning business might be contaminated with the toxic waste from thirty-five years of dry-cleaning. He contacted an environmental cleaning firm and had them test the soil behind his property. They did find toxic contamination, and they worked with him to rectify the situation.

Unfortunately, rectifying the situation involved excavating all of the soil behind the building! That was a process that took a couple of weeks, and he had to close his business while it was being done. He had 120 tons of contaminated soil trucked away! I truly applaud the business owner for being a good business neighbor, and taking care of this problem before it got worse!

I do wish that the article had indicated where the soil was taken, I would find that interesting to learn.

When I lived in New England, I learned that I lived a few miles away from a dump that accepted toxic wastes, and that the dump site was leaking into the area’s lakes, and may have been affecting the groundwater. These types of situations do worry me, as I am always concerned about the health of my family, my neighbors, and the entire world.

I like to believe that I’ve instilled those concerns in my children, and that had some influence in the decision of my youngest son to go into Environmental Engineering. His passion is water quality, and he has been working hard going to college. He is currently attending Stanford, working on his doctorate. I hope that he has a major impact on cleaning up the pollution on this world!

This has been a guest post, written by my friend, Linda Bradshaw

Gotta do it

4 Things To Look For In Your Grounds Maintenance Supplies

Maintaining the grounds for a commercial or residential building is hard work and requires the right tools. When the weather turns cold, you want to make sure that you can rely on your equipment to get the job done. As you search for wholesale janitorial supplies from companies such as C & C Janitorial Supplies, there are some elements you should look for when it comes to choosing ground maintenance supplies and equipment.

The Right Type Of Equipment

It is not enough for a company to carry the garden hoses you need to maintain the lawns you work on. You need the right types of hoses for different jobs and you need the right nozzles as well.

As you search for a reliable supply company, compare what each company offers and go with the company that will help you to get the job done. Your reputation is on the line with each job you do, so it is important to have the right equipment each time.

Names You Can Trust

When it is time to clear the ice from an office complex, do you really want to use ice melter made by a company you have never heard of before? In the wintertime, the safety of the people who use the buildings you maintain is in your hands. That is why you have to make the right choice on the supplies you use and go with the names that you know and trust.

Environmentally Safe Products

You want the best products to get your maintenance work done, and you also want products that are good for the environment. When your customers know that you are using environmentally-friendly products to maintain their grounds, they will appreciate the extra effort you put into being conscious about the planet.

The Products You Need When You Need Them

A reliable maintenance supplies company has the products you need in stock and gets them to you fast. The weather is not going wait until you have the right maintenance equipment and supplies, which means that you need a supplier that understands fast and reliable service.

Your job as a grounds maintenance professional is to keep the grounds looking healthy and keep them safe as well. That is why you need a reliable maintenance supplies company that takes your job as seriously as you do.

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer (free clip art)

Dog Days of Summer (free clip art)

I truly do believe the scientists that say that global warming is real. Each summer seems to get hotter and hotter. Trying to stay cool without running up the electric bill is a real challenge! I am not a big fan of wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts because my pets scratch me up with all of their loving! But I am finding myself wearing these types of clothes now just to try to passing out from heat exhaustion!

Clean Up the Grill

With Spring almost here, I decided to bring the grill out of the garage and clean it up. As soon as it is warm enough to be outside without a jacket, I will be using the grill to cook dinner. I love food cooked on the grill – it adds a special flavor to the meats that you just can’t duplicate on the stove or in the oven. I also like to use marinades on the meats if i am going to be grilling. So I will have a much larger variety of flavors for all the different meats very soon.

Drinking water

I was reading an article that a recent study of bottled water has shown that in many cases the bottled water is no safer than regular tap water. The article did not say what brands of water was tested (and I sure wish it HAD said that) but it indicated that in the ten brands tested there were contaminants such as bacteria and 38 chemicals. The chemicals include caffeine, acetaminophen, fertilizer, solvents, plastic ingredients and strontium (which are radioactive.)

That freaks me out! Bottled water with strontium in it? I’m not sure I’ll ever buy bottled water again! I think I’m better off buying soda if I’m “out and about” and thirsty and without my own refreshment!

This has been a guest post by my friend Marlene McKay