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In The Midst of Chaos

There are quite a few advantages that do mange to come out of coming from a large family that I never would have thought of when growing up in the midst of all the chaos that went on back in the “good old days”  One of the good things that is extremely helpful in all of our later years in life is to be able to call on the services and expertise that everyone has gotten into over the years.

We have a wide variety of professions spread out around the ever growing family but we have never had an attorney in the family, which certainly would have come in handy a plenty through out the years. Not that we have a lot of criminals in the family but there are plenty of times that legal issues have come and inevitably will come up in the future that certainly warranted the need for a good quality attorney. So when the announcement came that one of my nephews has decided to pursue the legal profession up in Cincinnati, Ohio the whole family felt the need to celebrate before he heads off to college in just a few months. So come Labor Day weekend as many family members that can manage to gather themselves up and make trip will hopefully send him off to law school in style! Looks like I need to start finding the perfect gift for the occasion. Labor Day weekend will be here in no time flat.

Lake Party

In this area, summer ends on Labor Day. So a lot of people go all out and have huge weekend parties or last ditch getaway weekends to the ocean beaches, the Bay, the rivers or even lakes. It’s all about getting to a large body of water and swimming, boating, and fishing.

Friends of mine have a little cabin on the river about 150 miles south of here. They were nice enough to invite me and a couple of our friends to come down on the Labor Day holiday weekend and camp out. I’m thinking about it!

Vandals keep stealing the local street signs

There seems to be someone that lives in this neighborhood that has a vendetta against street signs. When we first moved here I noticed that several of the road signs were either knocked over or completely missing. There have been several times that I have called the Department of Transportation to report the missing and damaged signs, and within a week the signs have been replaced.

Within only a matter of days, however, the signs are missing again. Whoever these vandals are, they’ve been leaving the “reduce speed ahead” traffic signs and the speed limit signs alone (thank goodness) but the signs that identify the names of the roads keep disappearing. Sometimes I wish that the Department of Transportation would put up some security cameras to catch the vandals that keep taking them. There have been several times when guests of mine have gotten lost trying to find my house, and there really is no need of it!

Fall foliage drive

We decided to go for a fall foliage drive this weekend; we heard that the fall foliage was near peak, and we wanted to have a little bit of relaxation and enjoy the scenery. So we packed up a picnic lunch and headed out for a short but scenic drive out Route 211 into the mountains. With the price of gas so high we couldn’t drive too far, but we found a nice scenic overlook spot with a picnic table and enjoyed a nice lunch of cheese, bread, apples, and sparkling cider. The weather cooperated, it was a warm, beautiful clear day and we could see for miles! All in all it was a very pleasant day today. I’d like to make an annual event of doing this! I hope the price of gas doesn’t make it impossible to do next year!