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Tips for Your Online Dating Profile

online dating girl (free clip art)

online dating girl (free clip art)

Dating today is nowhere near the same as it was decades ago. Today, instead of likely meeting someone while at school, work, or through friends, many people are taking their dating lives to the Internet. The popularity of online dating websites like and, as well as the popularity of dating apps like Tinder, has grown tremendously over the years. In fact, more than 41,000,000 people have tried online dating.

When you use online dating, you’re asked to create an online dating profile. This profile is what other users will look at to determine if they want to meet you. Usually, communication is started between you and a prospect to determine if you have anything in common that warrants a real date, and real dates are set forth from there if desired.

online dating boy (free clip art)

online dating boy (free clip art)

Since your Internet dating success rate is based mostly on your profile, you’ll want to ensure you create one that makes you attractive to potential suitors. Here are some tips to help you create the best online dating profile.

Talk about yourself.

Although this may seem obvious, many people use their online dating profile to discuss the person they want to meet instead of themselves, and this is a big no-no. If you want someone to be interested in you, it’s important to talk about you. It is okay to mention what you’re looking for, but be sure the majority of your profile discusses you instead of what you want.

Be positive.

music (free clip art)

music (free clip art)

Most online profiles will ask you to list likes and dislikes, and if your dislikes far outnumber your likes, you may turn off potential suitors. Being too negative can have a negative impact on your love life. After all, if your entire profile is one big complaint, nobody will want to meet you in real life and listen to Negative Nancy all night long.

Instead, be positive. Talk about what you love to do and what you like to do. If there is something you don’t like, try turning into a positive. For example, if you hate a certain genre of music, talk about the type of music that you do like instead. This will be much more attractive.

Look your best, but in a real way.

Because most people make snap judgments based on the picture they see, it’s important that you put a decent profile picture on your profile to make you attractive to suitors. However, it’s also important that you don’t lie. For example, if you’re 40, putting a picture of yourself from when you were 21 is not a good idea. The individual who wants to meet you for a date will be very disappointed when you don’t look like your picture.

selfie (free clip art)

selfie (free clip art)

Take a real picture of yourself and put it on your profile. Do your best to make yourself attractive, such as by doing your hair, wearing makeup, and smiling. (Hint: This would be a good time to visit the dentist to give you the best smile, such as through teeth whitening or dental implants.) By using an attractive yet realistic picture of yourself, you’ll be more likely to impress the individual you date in person.

Belly button rings

When my niece was living with me in 2002, she was asking me every day to let her do something radical to her appearance. One day she was telling me that she wanted to pierce her tongue (I said no) and the next day she wanted to shave her head. I actually said “yes” to that, but she didn’t do it. I think she was just testing me on that one. I kept telling her that I had promised her parents that while she was in my care that I would not let her get any body piercings or any tattoos. If they wanted to let her decorate her body in that fashion then they could take her to the piercing salon and tattoo parlor herself.

The requests did not stop, however. At least once a week she would ask me if she could get her tongue pierced, or her naval pierced. Or even her nose a couple of times. For a while I stated just saying “no you can’t pierce anything or tattoo anything” before I even said “Hi!” So it was with much glee and satisfaction when she went back to live with her parents at the end of the school year that she got her naval and tongue pierced AND got a couple of tattoos as well! I think she thought that I’d be angry with her about it, but I didn’t care at all. In fact I was more than happy to give her a couple of pretty belly button rings for Christmas that next holiday season!

A look at the reasons behind nail fungus infections

Nail fungus infections are a quite common problem among 8 to 9% of the adult population. It is caused due to bacterial growth leading to fungus infection. Most of the fungal diseases of nail are caused due to the two most common fungal infections known as tinea unguium and onychomycosis. These two make almost 50% of the nail diseases. According to survey, nail infections are found to be more common among men than among women. Moreover, elders seem to be more susceptible to the infections than younger ones. These kinds of nail infections can affect both fingernails and toes and can be treated with products like zetaclear.

Causes of fungal nail infections

There can be several causes behind such infections. It can occur due to improper care of nails, unhygienic environment and several other reasons. Knowing the causes can help you to avoid getting nail infection.

  • Genetic reasons, a family history of nail infections
  • Too much perspiration
  • Continuous wearing of socks or shoes that prevent proper ventilation
  • Previous infection or any kind of injury in the nails or skin
  • Humid or unhygienic work environment
  • Slow growing if nails
  • Continuous bare walking in moist public places
  • A weak immune system due diseases like AIDS or Diabetes
  • Blood circulation troubles

Besides these, if you have already been in contact with a person with fungal infection it might also affect you. It may even worsen if already there is such bacterium on your body. Moreover, working in damp or moist environment can worsen the conditions. You can know about more systems from nail fungus treating product reviews like zetaclear reviews.

Another precaution that is essential if you visit beauty salon is to be sure that your foot massage, manicure or pedicures are being done with hygienic tools and equipments.

How can you recognize nail fungus?

Symptoms may differ from person to person. Moreover nail fungus infections might affect the entire nail or part of a nail. Nail fungus are sometimes associated with pain or irritation. Among the other common visible symptoms, one might look for distorted, thickened, discolored, crumbled or ragged nail. Sometimes a foul smell may also be associated with nail fungus. Infected nails sometimes also get separated from the nail bed, which might be painful or not if the nail is already dry.

There are various kinds of treatment procedures for curing nail fungus infections. It might take quite some time for recovery based on the severity of your condition. You doctor may prescribe you oral anti fungal medicines or ointments. However if you are more interested in treating your condition with natural therapies or products, zetaclear can be good option for you. To know more about the product you can visit the products official site and collect more facts like its composition, price, usage procedure etc. To ensure if it is the best choice for you the best way is to go through some user zetaclear reviews that are easily available over the internet these days.

Hand Sanitizers to the rescue

Using public restrooms can be tricky these days. I really don’t like using public restrooms, like most people I suppose, and having a bad experience in a smelly dirty ladies room can really mess up my day. I just don’t understand how the general public can be so nasty and disrespectful to the people the run it, use it and clean it.

I’m glad that more and more companies are offering paper towels once again because those electric hand dryers are the pits. I have to have a paper towel to use to turn the water on and off, as well as to dry my hands and then to use to open the door and possibly even turn off the light switch. So the places that are just offering those electric hand dryers really upsets me.

That is another reason I carry hand sanitizers with me just about everywhere I go these days. A great option to use if you can’t manage to keep germ-free any other way.