Why are so Many People Complaining About a Solicitor

Most individuals at some point have heard horror stories about members of the public, who have had a very poor or negative experience with a solicitor. It is so commonplace that it has become the source of numerous jokes and comedy routines and has resulted in some very negative stereotypes associated with lawyers. It is a sad fact that not all solicitors perform their duties in a way that is satisfactory to their clients. This is one reason why there are so many people complaining about a solicitor.

Satisfaction has nothing to do with the outcome of a case, whether the outcome is positive or negative for the client involved. Dissatisfaction usually has to do with the level of service received or how the solicitor performed their job. There are usually complaints about things such as the lack of communication. People often say things such as “I had to do all the calling” or ‘they never returned my calls”.

Lack of communication between a client and a solicitor is a sure recipe for disaster and can leave clients feeling dissatisfied with their solicitor. This can also be the reason why the team just never seemed to click. The solicitor, client relationship, simply started off on the wrong foot and continued to go downhill.

If there is no communication or too little communication, there are so many other problems that stem from this one issue. A client can then have serious concerns about their billing and the hours they are billed for. They doubt the hours the solicitor claims to have been working on their behalf if they did  not see or feel any evidence of that level of effort or diligence on the part of the solicitor.

The client has doubts because the channels of communication were closed instead of opened.  It is important and always a good idea to keep clients in the loop and up to date with all relevant areas of their case. This ensures that they know all the work and effort that goes into their case and the ultimate result. This way they can be comfortable and have a certain level of trust and acceptance instead of doubts about billing.

Communications is really a key factor when it comes to solicitor negligence and the breakdown of the relationship and trust between solicitor and client. It is a fact that even after things have gone wrong, effective and honest communication can sometimes remedy the situation. Clients are people they want to be heard and they want to feel as if they matter. Solicitors who take the time out of their busy schedules to communicate effectively with their clients reap the rewards and can testify to the results.

When a client voices their concerns and issues it is important to take note and address them and respond. This will greatly eliminate the number of people complaining about a solicitor.

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