Free Advice and Popcorn Awaits at Continental Motor Works

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of New Hope PR. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was checking out the blog at the Continetal Motor Works website, I was interested to see that the most recent blog post was discussing how the CD players in automobiles are going to be replaced by a hook-up for the consumer's Smart phones, Ipods, or MP3 players. Apparently streaming Bluetooth audio is being planned for the newest cars as well!

I was really interested by the blog post, and started to poke around the Continental Motor Works website, to see what else I might learn. I was interested to see that the owner of the company, Jeff Spevack, is co-host of a Radio Show called Motor Mouth, and consumers are invited to call in to the radio show to ask questions about their car problems.

In addition to that free advice, the company guarantees their repair and maintenance work, gives free car washes and free popcorn to their customers! What more could a customer want? I don't know about you, but once my car has reached the end of the manufacturer's warranty period, I avoid going to the car dealership to get my car worked on.

Every time I would drive my car into the dealer's parking lot for service, it seems that I was paying $200 before they even asked me what I needed to have done! Often even while the car was still under warranty! I tell you, I have told them more than once that I think it is a racket – I feel that scheduled warranty maintenance should be free! New cars are so expensive in this day and age, there really is no justification for charging the consumer for the scheduled warranty maintenance!

More than once the car dealer has tried to convince me that my car needed work that did NOT need to be done! And quoted me prices that were three times higher than my local repair shop quoted me!

Can you blame me that once the warranty period is over on my cars and the less I have to take my business to the dealer, the happier I am! 

My experience has been that if I could find a reputable repair shop, that the work will be done just as quickly, just as good, and a lot easier on the budget! If you need your car repaired, check out your options before you sink more money into it than you really need to!