World peace

I can remember when I was in high school, everything seemed so simple. Obviously there was never any reason for war, certainly never any reason for violence. Ever. Having been taught the Golden Rule, and how everyone is basically a good person inside did not prepare me for the real world. Isn’t school supposed to prepare people for the real world?

I was taught to be self-less, generous with thought and deed. I have a gentle soul. Now here I am, all grown up, in fact I am on the upper end of middle age, and I am disillusioned, to say the least. How can it possibly be that there are so many greedy people out in the world who want to have it all at the expense of other people suffering? Having joined clubs, and committees, and been part of a family that is clearly dis-functional, I can see how there will probably never be world peace. Every single club and committee has been full of strife and discord and power struggles.

If we can’t have peace in our own families, in our own schools, in our own towns, states, and country, then how in the world can we expect to be able to have world peace? I used to think that it could be done. But now I think that as long as there is greed in the world, peace will never happen. And although I’d like to think that through education we can eradicate greed, I don’t think that it will happen in a million years. I have no idea how we can eradicate greed without killing off a lot of people. Do you?