Southwest vacations

This post brought to you by Southwest Airlines Vacations. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having grown up in a family that had very deep roots in the entertainment world, I have always wanted to have the opportunity to go to Vegas for a week and enjoy the bright lights, the night life, and the shows. I have always loved to dance, try out new foods at new restaurants, and have always loved watching live entertainment shows.

My parents used to travel to Vegas every few years, sans kids, to take in the shows and rekindle their romance. My brother takes his girlfriend every year to take in the different forms of entertainment that I’ve never had the opportunity to try.

Several of my former co-workers used to talk about how they saved their money all year long so that they could take annual Las Vegas Vacations with their spouse. Everyone that I’ve ever known that goes to Vegas comes back with glowing tales of great food and great shows.

I have always smiled and said that I’m glad that they had a great time, but I have always been silently very envious of their ability to go. Last week my brother was talking about his next couple of Southwest Vacations to Vegas – it seems that he is planning on going to Vegas three or four times a year now!

He loves to talk about the great deals he always gets, saying that he has been able to always get the best prices on his Vegas vacations through Southwest. He has been bragging about how he has been able to get his airline tickets with no baggage fees, and combine his air tickets with hotel rooms, admission tickets to the attractions that he wants to attend, and how sometimes he takes some friends and family members with him!

To be honest I’ve been suppressing the urge to ask him why he doesn’t offer to take ME! What am I, chopped liver? Maybe I need to start dropping stronger hints when he starts to talk about his Southwest Vacations.