Turn old games and CDs into cash

Over the past ten years my house has become increasingly cluttered with little things that don’t get used anymore. For some crazy reason I just can’t seem to get rid of them! I suspect that one of the reasons for that is I feel like it was a waste of my hard earned money if I get rid of them. I don’t mind giving my unused items to friends or family, but I struggle with taking things that I worked so hard to get to give away to a thrift store that claims to be a charitable non-profit agency.

I know that sounds rather selfish of me, but there have been a lot of times I’ve heard my friends and neighbors complain that they know the people that manage the local thrift stores, and that some of them keep the “best” donated items for themselves without paying the charity any money. That sort of unethical behavior just irritates me so much!

This coming weekend I am planning on taking some of my things to a local neighborhood yard sale. I have hope that I can recoup some of the money I’ve spent and help my neighbors be able to get some quality items that they might not have been able to afford if they had gone to a retail store.

Unfortunately a few years ago I had to buy a lot of new clothes for a new job I had landed, and then I ended up not wearing many of them. Part of that problem was because I had gained some weight and did not like the way I looked after I had purchased them. I had purchased many of the items online, which meant that I could not try them on before ordering them, which ended up being a problem. I’ll be trying to sell off some of those clothes that are almost brand new.

I was thinking about selling some of my used video games and used CD’s, too, but I just found out about a website that will buy them from me and even pay for the shipping fees! I’d love to use the yard sale for turning old games and CDs into cash, but if they don’t sell at the yard sale I’ll be trying to sell them online before donating them to a thrift store. I’m looking forward to finding out much money I can raise!