Hand steamer

Back in 1971 I worked in a women’s retail clothing store. I was still in high school, so the job was part-time, after school, and on week-ends. The lady who owned the place seemed to be very pleasant to me, but my co-workers seemed to think that she was an unpleasant person to work for. When I’d arrive at work she would always greet me with a very sweet smile, and reach out her hand and give me a quick stroke on my back. I thought it was just her version of a friendly “hug” without getting deep into the embrace.

I had to laugh like crazy when my co-workers told me that the reason she did that was to check if her employees were all wearing bras! It was one of her dress code rules, if you didn’t wear one then you were sent home.

One day while taking my lunch break, I saw my boss using a steaming machine to prepare the new clothes to go out onto the display floor. I had never seen anything like that before, and I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread! I don’t know where I found the smaller travel-size version to purchase for myself back then, but I did buy one, and I have used it quite a bit over the years. I have been very lucky that it has lasted this long; I dread the day that it breaks down and I’ll have to go purchase a new one. The new ones on the market look like they are larger and heavier than the one I have had all of these long years.