Used computers

I like to buy a new computer every few years, but then I have the problem with what to do with my old one.  People tell me to donate them to schools, (or churches) and I’ve tried to do that, but when I call the schools (or churches)  and offer them my old computer they tell me that if it is more than one year old they don’t want it!

There’s really nothing wrong with them, it’s just that usually the new computers have larger drives and faster processors and I decided that I want the extra storage and faster speed.  I’ve even tried giving my old computers away over freecycle, and no one seems to want them over freecycle either!  So they end up filling up space in my basement, just gathering dust.  Very sad.  I suppose that I COULD donate them to Goodwill for them to try to sell in their Goodwill store.  I think I’ll give them a call and find out if they take used computers!