Fun with beads and spacers

A couple of years ago I went with the Red Hat Ladies club to a local retail store in old Downtown that specialized in selling beads and holding beading classes. I had never been to that store before, but I agreed to go to the store because we were going to partake in a “make your own jewelry” session. Always being interested in working with my hands, and being creative, I was happy to be able to partake in the session.

I have to admit that I was shocked at the price of the beads, clasps, and spacers that were offered at the store! Never in a million years did I think that my little bracelet that I made myself with only about a dozen beads would cost over twenty dollars! Sure, the beads were pretty, but I did not think that they were anything “special.” To be perfectly honest I would not have known the difference if they were made from the finest crystal or from plastic. I just knew that they were pretty and sparkly!

When I picked out the beads that I liked, I had a major brain cramp. I had NO IDEA what I wanted to create with these pretty beads! Thankfully the matron of the store came over to me and helped me design a pretty pattern that alternated the beads with spacers, and after all was said and done I had to admit that it was pretty, and I am proud to wear it from time to time.