Growing Up To Be What We Want To Be

It is never too soon to start looking at scholarships, their options and availability. I have always been envious of people that just seem to know what they want and can be later on in their life and have the insight at such an early age to take advantage of their educational needs and wants right off the bat. Heck here I am in mid life and still not sure what I want to grow up to be.

And the fact that so many people end up paying so much back on their Student Loans that they take out to pay for furthering their education, and that take many many years to pay off, it only makes sense to do the work that it takes to take advantage of scholarships and grants that you don’t need to pay back at all. The days that we could only rely on our High School Counselors for scholarship information and guidance about college have disappeared forever with the arrival of the Internet, but having a good relationship with your Counselor is always a good idea.