Beware Of I.R.S. Scam In Your In box

Right now is a busy time for the tax preparers and tax payers. I know several people that have all ready filed their returns and have gotten their refunds. I wish I could get all of my stuff in order and get mine done so soon after all the forms are supposed to have been mailed out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of the type that ends up standing in the long lines at the Post Office on April 15th, which from what I understand is happening less and less with so many people taking advantage of the various ways to do your taxes online.

I just heard about a new scam that is hitting people’s email in boxes. The email says it is from the IRS and that you are owed additional money for a refund. You click on a link to file the refund request form so you can get your money. Of course, the email is NOT from the IRS and when you click on the link to go to a scammer site where they collect your personal information and you do not get a refund. You get your identity stolen. Sad to say, a lot of people are so intimidated about the IRS that they will do anything “the IRS” tells them to do without thinking it through. Do not fall for this email. The IRS does not send emails about your tax refunds. They send notices through the U. S. Mail and they never ask for your personal information – they already HAVE it.