Smoke break at work

Back when I was a teenager I smoked cigarettes. This may sound really strange to you, but the reason that I smoked them was so that I could get a break at work. I had started smoking to be sociable with my friends on the weekends when we went to the various dancing nightclubs in the city, but I did not smoke them during the week. I did, however, know how to blow smoke rings quite well!

Living in one of the “right to work” states that has no laws on the books forcing the companies to give their employees any breaks, I discovered that my co-workers could take a cigarette break any time they wanted to. One of them would declare that they needed a cigarette, everyone would get up from their desk and meet in the lounge and light up. They’d laugh and chat and socialize with each other, and then when the last smoker had finished his (or her) cigarette everyone would return to their desks. Until the next smoke break (which seemed to be about forty-five minutes later.)