Magazine Subscriptions are up

Not very long ago my son was trying to find a job as a newspaper reporter. Just his luck, he was trying to land a job in a market where the jobs opportunities were shrinking faster than a wet wool sweater in a hot dryer. Newspapers everywhere were telling him that they were downsizing, laying off veteran reporters, and that he was definitely in the wrong field. Right about the same time I had been reading an article about how even though newspaper subscriptions were falling, magazine subscriptions were rising! To be perfectly honest I thought that was really quite odd. Why would newspaper sales be falling, but magazines be increasing?

Earlier today it occurred to me that I had cancelled our newspaper subscription a few months ago. We just did not have the time to read the whole thing. In fact, the only reason that I was buying the paper was to clip out the coupons from the coupon section in the Sunday paper! Sure, my kids read the comics section, and sometimes I would have time to read the Parade magazine section, but the rest of the newspaper was just being hauled away to the local animal shelter to line their cages. As I was looking into ways to reduce our expenses, cancelling that subscription was one of the first things to slash. And yet, when I go to an office where I have to wait in a waiting room that has magazines, I am always finding a current magazine that has an interesting article about some new storage solutions or a new way to save money.

Most of the time I have not been able to finish the magazine article by the time the receptionist is ready to usher me into the inner sanctum of the office, and I find myself wishing that I had a subscription to the magazine, and writing down the name of the magazine. Often I find that the magazine is a women’s magazine like Family Circle or Women’s Day. That always surprises me because I don’t consider myself to be a “typical woman” and I know that these are magazines that my mother enjoys to read, and my grandmother used to read them too. What a strange feeling that is, to be enjoying the same types of magazines that they read too!

One of the reasons that I suspect that magazine subscriptions may be on the rise is that the stories tend to be more timeless in nature. Most of the news stories in a paper newspaper are current events. I think that the majority of the citizens in the United States are in so much of a hurry to do things that they get their current events information from the radio while they are commuting to work, or listening/watching the news on television while eating dinner in the evening, or while eating breakfast in the morning. Or, the news is in the headlines of the home page of our Internet browsers. So that type of current events is more easily obtained. Magazines, however, are more inclined to be writing about topics that are likely to be relevant to the consumers life for a longer period of time. And that, my friends, is the reason that I think that magazine subscriptions are up!