Rite Of Passage Into Womanhood

This nice weather practically demands that we fire up the barbecue grill and cook something outdoors over an open flame. We’ve had three days of temperatures in the high 60’s and no snow or rain. This is winter at its best in here. Learning how to use a grill is a rite of passage into womanhood. My mother did the grilling in our family, which was fine with our father, he never had the interest to cook anything, but he sure enjoyed eating, now he has a big old pot belly that clearly shows how much he enjoys his eating.

I learned early and I have worked hard at getting it right. Burning food on the grill is unforgivable – a grill master will never leave the grill with a high enough flame or unattended long enough to burn the meat. Never, I say! So tonight it is burgers on the grill. I bought some ground chuck at the store and mixed in some chopped Vidalia onion and tossed a heavy sprinkling of dry ranch dressing into the meat before gently shaping the patties and placing them on a preheated grill. Four more minutes and we’ll be chowing down. See ya!