TV Shows

It blows me away when I look on the TV Guide Channel that Direct TV offers their viewers, and see all of the crap that is being aired “for our viewing pleasure. I’m not sure exactly how many channels that we have access to. With money being so tight I have had to cut out or cut back on several things around here and just 2 weeks ago I made the dreaded call to the Customer Service Department at Direct TV to see what they could offer me, a long time Direct TV customer, to help reduce my monthly bill. The only thing that they could suggest was to down-grade to the next level of their current packages. I was really hoping that they would consider how long I have been loyal to them all these years and offer me some type of discount, so that I could still receive many of the channels that I have become attached to, that are not available with the package that I had to down-size to. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I still get a ton of channels, just not a lot of the ones that I would to still have. The majority of the shows that I see listed are full of sex and violence along with many shopping channels that I can’t stand watching. I don’t understand why so people are into the whole violence scene. We have enough violence in our daily lives and on the evening news. I want and need comedy in my life. Maybe I need to check and see what DISH Satellite has to offer.