All In The Family

It’s pretty cool to hear that my cousin has finally decided to become a tax preparer. We certainly can use someone in the family that is knowledgeable in the tax area. We have a wide variety of professions and expertise in my large extended family that we usually can rely on assisting most of us with some of lives challenges. Lately it seems to pay to know about computers and the Internet, which I have three family members that are pretty proficient in that area, thank goodness since most of us spend so much time on our computers at work as well as at home. Even this income tax course that he (my cousin) is signing up for is done online.

There are plenty of Study Guides and Practice Exams that he will and can take advantage of, all from the privacy of his own home (well technically it’s his parent’s home) and hopefully get it all done and ready for next year’s tax season which will be on us in no time. Much like Christmas is right around the corner when you think about it. Time Flies!