Hot Mochas

It doesn’t seem like over ten years ago when I started working as the Office Manager at one of the several local body shops where I was living at that time. But looking back it looks like it was actually 12 years ago, man doesn’t time fly? It was a great job while it lasted. Unfortunately after being there for 9 months I had to move and the commute would have been too long for me to handle so I had to put in my notice shortly before one my year anniversary there as Office Manager.
When I first started there, one of the guys that worked in the office with me, stopped at Starbucks and picked up hot beverages for everyone. Since he didn’t know me or what I like (I hate the taste of coffee) he bought me a hot mocha, which is a combination of chocolate and coffee that about made me sick when I took the first couple of sips. It took me several hours to get down the rest of that mocha, but I drank the darned thing. The next day it happened again, by then everyone was convinced that I truly loved these mocha and I couldn’t dare tell them that I really didn’t like them. So the routine of people bringing in orders from Starbucks continued and next thing I know I was hooked on the hot mochas and have been enjoying these popular hot mochas since then. They are not cheap by any means no matter where you purchase them, but Starbucks is by far the most expensive and McDonald’s are the cheapest, but really taste nasty and mess up my stomach for days after drinking one.