Guitars vary widely in price

When Garret told me that he was looking at the epiphone guitars at musicians friend with the thought that he was going to try to earn enough money between now and the first of March to be able to pay for one I was curious as to how much money he was going to have to earn. To be perfectly honest I was expecting to see higher prices, and was impressed that this site appears to be giving good discounts on their musical instruments. Having said that, I am going to ask Garret which guitar he had in mind and do a little bit of comparison shopping to see if there are any better prices out there. One lesson that I have learned recently is that sometimes every vendor in a particular market will advertise a specific MSRP and then try to sell it for a lower price, trying to convince the customer that the customer is getting a great deal.

As far as I’m concerned if EVERYONE is selling the same thing at the same price, even if it is lower than the MSRP, then the consumer is simply being misled – similar to what is called the “bait and switch” sales practice. Which has been illegal for decades. Even though it is illegal, I still like to approach all purchases with caution. I just hate it when I buy something at a particular price and then found out I was taken advantage of.