Sparks flying

Over the years I have owned several dogs. I think that the first dog that I bought was when I was around the age of twenty-two. At the time I lived in an apartment that did not allow dogs or pets, but there had been an incident where a person had broken into my apartment and since I lived alone and was in the apartment at the time I pleaded with the property manager of the apartment complex to allow me to get a dog. Since I had been an ideal tenant for several years by then the apartment manager agreed to let me have a small dog if I took it to obedience classes.

Thus began my life with dogs. I love dogs. Many of my dogs I obtained as puppies, and I was able to have a lot of control over how they were socialized and trained. More recently, however, I have joined the crusade for rescuing abandoned pets from animal shelters, and those dogs have always presented a more challenging time to get them to learn what is and is not acceptable in my house. For example, I had recently fostered a couple of dogs that I was told were already several years old and were house pets. Why, then, when I turned on my heating pad to warm my feet this morning did sparks fly and the circuit breaker blow? Upon closer inspection, the cord had been chewed during the course of the night. I’m just really glad that nobody was hurt and the house did not burn down!