Compression stockings really help my legs feel good

Ever since my first pregnancy, in 1981, I have worn compression stockings. Back then they were called “surgical support hose” and my mother was kind enough to find them for me at a medical supply store near where she lived and had them mailed to me. Those were maternity panty-hose, and they gave my legs a lot of relief when I was pregnant. So much so that I wanted to continue to wear them after my pregnancy had resulted in the birth of my wonderful baby boy (now thirty years old!)

Since that time I have tried to locate other places to purchase compression stockings, and have had to special order them from a variety of places. Some of them refused to sell them to me without a prescription, and some were more than happy to just sell them to me. Interestingly enough when I went to my doctor to get a prescription for them the doctor’s prescription was for a weaker compression than the ones I had been wearing, and they were more expensive than the ones I had been wearing. To top it off my medical insurance refused to pay for them, and the darn things didn’t even fit! So I learned to just not even try going that route again! Now I find that I can buy them from, and they are usually less expensive than buying at the local stores.