Ways to Use Your Old Boat

Donating a Boat 

Your boat may have stopped working, or you may have purchased a new boat. Whatever your unique situation may be, you now need to find a way to use your old boat. While you may be tempted to send it to the landfill, consider alternative uses that will not make it trash.

Save it From the Landfill

Before you decide your new boat should cast its anchor in a garbage dump, explore some of the below ways to put your old boat to new uses:

  • Turn it Into a PlaygroundDo you have children, nieces or nephews? Consider turning your old boat into a playground for them. Simply strip away the engine, which can be sold, and remove anything else that may be unsafe or children. Then, equip the boat with toys and games for the children to enjoy. With minimal effort, you will have one of the best playgrounds in town.
  • Donate it to CharityWhile your local thrift store may not be interesting in adopting your old boat, there are charities that exist specifically for old boats. Donating a boat to these charities will dramatically help those in need. Many of these charities will fix up and sell your boat, using the proceeds to advance a number of different causes.
  • Make it into an Adult Hang out – similar to turning it into a playground, but with the emphasis on you and your friends. Instead of adding toys and games, add a mini-fridge and a dart board. Consider ways to transform the boat into something can permanently place in your backyard. It will provide a constant source of entertainment and fun.

Your Old Boat CAN Be Repurposed

The above ideas can help you think of additional ways to use your old boat. Let your imagination run wild and explore every option. Remember that old boats can still be used for a variety of purposes and should not be anchored in a dump.