Hepa filters need replacing from time to time

When my sister moved in with us, she brought an air filter machine with her that uses replaceable home hepa filters. She said that it was a machine that they used to run in their daughter’s room all of the time because her daughter is allergic to cigarette smoke and everyone in their house except their daughter smoked cigarettes in the house. They told their daughter to just always stay in her room where the air was filtered so that the smoke in the house would not bother her. I have to admit that learning about their daughter being confined to her small bedroom all day every day because she was allergic to cigarette smoke instead of making the adults smoke their cigarettes outside really troubled me. That troubled me a lot. How can a child develop socially if she is confined to her bedroom all day? Even to the point of eating her meals in her room, by herself.

So my sister brought that air filter machine with her, plugged it in to one of the wall outlets in the bedroom that they were sharing, plugged it in and turned it on. Within seconds the entire house smelled like stale cigarette smoke. I quickly turned the machine off, explaining that the machine was stinking up the entire house, and that the filter must need to be cleaned or replaced. That’s when I learned that the machine was several years old and that the filter was not one that could be cleaned – it had to be replaced. And the replacement filter cost over a hundred dollars! That is why they had not replaced it. Well, I suggested that the filter was not actually doing any good anymore and that we would not use it in our house until we got a replacement filter for it. I don’t understand why the replacement filters are so expensive! I don’t know when we can afford to buy a new one.