Post office blues

I am sad to say that the United States Post office is in very bad shape. The service that we have all come to rely on is in danger of going under financially very soon. It seems that only an act of congress will save the department from going under. I hope that congress will find a way to save the service that we have all come to expect. I am buying stamps in order to do my part.

Many of my earliest childhood memories involve waiting by the mailbox for the mail to come. Before the internet and e-mails it was the principle way of communication. Whether it was a letter from grandma or an important bill to pay we relied on the postman to bring it to us.

I sincerely hope that the post office will survive for many years to come. I think it is good for our country and all of the people in it.  I believe that continuity helps keep our people believing in the strength of our people and our continued struggle to preserve it. Having something that we can always rely on brings us all together and makes us the great nation we are.